Christianity in Iran is spreading at a record pace

In Iranian society is growing discontent due to the weak economy and rising prices that sets the stage for a possible regime change in the Islamic Republic. In the Internet appeared the videos, which some demonstrators run away from tear gas fired by security forces close to the Iranian Parliament, while others flock to the famous Grand Bazaar, forcing shops to close. Despite the protests, Christianity in Iran is growing faster than in any other country in the world.

Recently I had a conversation with Mike Ansari of TV channel “Mohabat”. His company maintains continuous satellite broadcast Christian programs for Iran.

MHN: You preside over one of the most popular Christian satellite channels, produces programs in Farsi to Iran. As the Iranians are experiencing so many economic problems, respond to your program when you talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to find peace in the midst of economic turmoil?

Mike Ansari, the TV channel “Mohabat”:

We are seeing amazing results. We have never seen anything like it. There is a natural and spontaneous movement of the Iranian Muslims to Christianity. The Iranians know that Iran has a rich Christian history that goes back to the Day of Pentecost, but because of different past events, the majority of Christian communities in the middle East, including in Iraq have been marginalized. While we receive each day more than eight hundred messages from Iranians who want to know more about your Christian heritage.

MHN: Today in Iran, Christianity is growing faster than in any other country. Isn’t it?

You are absolutely right. Occurs organic the spread of Christian faith throughout Iran and neighboring countries. Actually Christianity has turned a record number of Iranians. Every month we write hundreds of Iranians who wish to become new Christians with our help. They come to the realization that Christianity is not a religion of Europeans or whites. They rediscover their roots in Christianity, and ask whether we can help them.

MHN: so, in the midst of economic and political turmoil in Iran, the TV channel “Mohabat” under the leadership of Mike Ansari brings in this Islamic country the Good news of Jesus Christ. Dr. Ansari, thank you for your participation in gear!

Thank you.

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