In the first days after the attack on gay club in Orlando June 12, 2016 by some media and left-wing political organizations began to blame Christians and other conservatives. According to them, Christians nurture a culture of hatred because they oppose same-sex marriages and expanding the rights of transgender people to visit the toilets in the public areas of their choice. In “the new York times” even cited as examples the governors of North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas as hate mongers, but didn’t even mention the leaders of ISIL or other Islamic radical groups. One expert rejected the prayers offered by the Christian leaders, while democratic congressmen joined the minute of silence proposed by the Republican leaders.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman from Tennessee, Diane black called the accusations of Christians in the attack in Orlando attempt to use this tragedy to further division of America.

In an article posted on the website member of the house of representatives black wrote: “When we equate a amicable disagreement between Christians and our LGBT neighbors to the bomb attacks that kill and destroy. When we swear sincere prayers because they do not fit into certain political framework, as well as when we underestimate the value of spiritual action, which, in the opinion of many (and I including) has the transformative power to heal the sick world, then we delay the healing process. We know that the mass murder in Orlando was not the result of the preaching of a pastor, bill some Congressman or even own a gun of any manufacturer. It was the result of a choice made by the person who pulled the trigger”.

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