For the first time in Costa Rica, there was a historic meeting with Church leaders and politicians in the streets of San Jose against the introduction of lessons on gender identity. The Minister of education wants to include the topic in the curriculum on sex education. But thousands of Evangelical Christians rallied to Express support for biblical values and pray about the students and public schools.

Christian leaders urged parents and children to participate in the construction of society and government, family oriented.

“The Church needs to decide on these issues, and then to unite and always, throughout this process, she needs to pray. We need to pray!” — said Jose Gonzalez of the Ministry’s “Seed.”

“We must be a voice that speaks for all Evangelical Christians of the American continent, and to explain the importance of protecting our values, protecting life and families,” says Gerald Bogantes, representative of the Latin American Evangelical Alliance.

Also, the Christians in Seoul, South Korea, made public a statement in support of biblical values at the event that promotes homosexuality. Thousands of gays and lesbians gathered in a Park in the city centre on the 18th annual Festival of queer culture. There were also representatives of the churches of the city, speaking against homosexuality and praying for his opponents.

“We want to convey to them the message that homosexual love can be cured! Former homosexuals are proof of that. All we Christians must love them and preach the gospel to them,” explains Jon Lee, pastor of the Church “Holy life” the reasons why he became a party to this action.

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