Christians helped the Israelites after the fire that swept through Israel. Hundreds of homes were reduced to ashes in the large-scale fires that swept Israel last year. In a moment of crisis came to the aid of “Operation blessing” CBN.

When strong winds and extremely dry conditions led to fires that spread to Haifa, Millie Karen didn’t know whether she and her four children to survive.

“We threw the clothes on the person. For two hours we ran around our property. Everything was on fire,” she says.

More than 70 thousand people were forced to evacuate from Haifa. About five hundred houses were damaged or completely destroyed.

“The next morning I came back here and I saw everything. And I started to cry,” continues the woman.

The whole living room and patio were burned. Air conditioning melted. The furniture burnt.
The whole room was black. I can’t even describe to you how awful it was.

In just a few hours after the fire, “Operation blessing” Israel arrived in Haifa with blankets, shoes and food.

“We found this family, they lost almost everything. And they didn’t have insurance, says the Director of “Operation blessing” Iago Traverso. — We help them. Bought mattresses and furniture and kitchen utensils — everything you need when renting a new apartment.”

“It’s great, it’s not enough for us it very much — happy woman. Because we know what they think about us, want to help us. It is important to us! A big thank you to everyone who donates! I know that one day I will want to share with you and others the same. God sent you to me!”

This is just one example of what makes CBN’s “Operation blessing” to help the many victims in Israel.

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