Residents of the island of Nias in Indonesia are Christians. Unfortunately, they did not notice until 2005, when there was a powerful earthquake. Then CBN assisted in the restoration of villages on the island, and today the Ministry continues to help improve the lives of people, especially the younger generation.

Students in state schools Sit Barabanu happy, because today they are free medical examination. Kids like Novita and Mona Lisa denied medical treatment because their families are very poor. Life on the island of Nias heavy, because it is one of the areas with the highest levels of poverty. Here families live on a weekly income of $ 5 from planting rubber trees. For Novita and Mona Lisa big dreams seem unreal. But the CBN projects to empower such children, give even the Director of their school a glimmer of hope.

The headmaster of SD to Barabanu Manatee Zay grateful that the staff of CBN travel several hours over rough zigzag roads to reach their schools.

“Program CBN changed the spirit in our school,’ he says. — In children there is hope. Fathers of the majority of our students are not a good example because after harvesting, they just sit in front of their houses and drink alcohol. CBN programs help to instill the values of the Bible to children and help them live a better life.”

After the doctor CBN Karl Ripassa examined the children, pastor Fable Valiance shared the gospel with all 150 students and prayed for their future. In addition, children also received free vitamins and medicines.

“When I saw the kids, how they live, it really touched my heart. And I know this is what God calls me not only to help them but to give them love, show them love and attention,” says Karl Ripassa, the humanitarian coordinator of CBN, the island of Nias.

The CBN also conducts programs for the delivery of food in the village. More than a hundred malnourished children are fed nutritious food, while not recover their normal weight. In addition, mothers receive knowledge in matters of health, as well as pass courses to obtain sources of income. For example, they are taught how to make toothpick from bamboo shoots.

“My kids are always sick and couldn’t go to school. I am grateful to CBN for imported food, and now my children are healthier. I am also glad that we are taught how to do the toothpick that we can sell,” says one mother, Sarina Gulo.

The highlight of the medical mission was a party of “Superbook,” during which the children participated in a Great adventure. Mom Novita Ratna pleased with the changes that occur in the character of her daughter under the influence of “Superbook”.

“My daughter used to be very stubborn. Her character has changed after watching “Superbook”. Now she respects me and always praying,” says Ratna Devi.

The use of CBN for the formation of the next generation, the future of Nias, gives people hope.

“Once the island of Nias will change. In the future, Nias will be great because God loves this island”, says humanitarian coordinator of the CBN on the island of Nias Carl Ripassa.

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