The world community was horrified to reviewing footage of the alleged chemical attacks targeting civilians in Syria. The place are Christians, helping desperate families. The President of the organization “worldwide help” Vernon brewer told “MHN” about what is happening in the country.

Vernon brewer, President of the organization “world assistance”:

Our mobile clinic is located approximately in kilometer from that place where there was a recent chemical attack. It now provide medical assistance to Syrians. We also provide them with food, medicines, clean water, clothing, hygiene items, baby food — all that we can to deliver to help them survive. Imagine, for just 35 dollars you can buy so many products and useful things that they will last one Syrian for a week!

MHN: how “world aid” is trying to fill the spiritual needs of the victims?

First of all, we pray. We support our partners on the ground who are themselves believers, and we join in their prayers. We pray for the refugees in the same way as if they were our own children and grandchildren. We pray for peace in the region. And we’re trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus: not only to save life but also to show them the love of Jesus Christ, being the hands and feet of Jesus on earth.

MAN: AND their government, and the broader global community has betrayed Syria?

As you know, the Assad regime denies its attitude to this recent attack, while a year ago the UN confirmed his involvement last year. And really people feel betrayed. Many of them have been caught in the crossfire. They used to have to only deal with the Assad regime, but now there are Russians, rebels, and until recently they had to deal with ISIL. So people don’t know who to trust. There is an atmosphere of mistrust and, of course, the feeling that the authorities didn’t just betray them, but that their power and are behind all those brutal attacks.

MAN: AND we hear rumors of a coming war in the middle East over Syria. If it bothers you and how it may affect your work?

I think each person should be worried about the situation in which we find ourselves on the brink of war, mass death of people. We need to pray that we can continue to provide resources to our partners on the ground. We need to pray for peace. And these people should know that they are not forgotten. What happens there is pure evil! This is something unimaginable! And most importantly, what we can do is to tell them that we have not forgotten about them. We pray for them. We fill their physical and spiritual needs. Of course, they are not forgotten in this terrible, terrible crisis.

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