Church in Chicago carried out a unique protest against the violence in the streets

In America there is a secret war…. It seems that it is the center of Chicago. Only during the first week of August on the streets of the city killed 75 people and over the year there are more than three hundred. The city leaders don’t know how to respond to this violence, and I think it’s time to undertake these dangerous areas.

The increase in air temperature led to the passions. Sunday night in Chicago two men began to shoot at the crowd during the party. Police said that from 10 a.m. Saturday to 10 a.m. Sunday at least 34 people received gunshot wounds and five were killed.

“The windy city” was not quiet.

“These shootings were not random. They arise because of conflicts between gangs,” explains the head of police in Chicago.

The mayor and other leaders calling for peace. A downtown Chicago street Martin Luther king Jr. called “a street murder”. Believers gather here together, to bring people to Jesus – quarter at a time.

40-day evangelism marathon called “Summer Jesus” began on a rainy day. Very symbolic, considering the tears of the city because of violence.

“May the spirit of violence will be associated in this city. Let the spirit world will be liberated over him. We proclaim peace on Halstead street. We proclaim the peace of the city, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God,” prays one of the participants of the marathon.

Prayers turned into a business, where believers from different denominations took to the streets to serve the people. They fed the homeless, preached, conducted a revival and activities for children.

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios came from new York to lead the project “Summer Jesus” in Chicago.

“This is one of the most dangerous areas of Chicago. Here we provide Church goods worth millions of dollars, to bring the gospel to every family in Chicago. That is what our mission is. We have a lot of events,” he says.

Salaberrios was a drug dealer, and now he fasts to Chicago didn’t shoot at least a week. His prayer is addressed to those who are behind the violence, and most recently, demAs had shared the gospel with the local gang members.

“I was a drug dealer. I sold drugs most of my life, he says. — When you reach those who shoot and stop shooting – it brings peace.”

Although to be here and hard, Salaberrios seen breakthroughs. In that case, when he prayed with angry protesters after the death afroamerikaner at the hands of the police.

“We began to pray for people. We started talking with people who were upset or angry. We said, “Can I pray for you?” And we have seen how the peace of God come on them,” recalls demos.

A native of Chicago, Donovan Price, contacted the pastor Salaberrios when he arrived in the city. Being a lawyer of the victims, he sees the violence up close.

“I came in 20 minutes after the shots rang out. When relatives arrived, I helped them survive the first 3-4 hours. Not always out to pray and quote Scripture. Sometimes you need to show love, to comfort and help someone to feel support so they know that the Holy Spirit and God is with them,” says Donovan Price.

Many answered the call.

“One girl was walking down the street. We stopped, and she said she needs prayer. I asked her: “do you know Jesus as your Savior?” She replied, “No.” “Maybe today is your day? You don’t have to be perfect.” And she said, “Yes.” We served her, prayed for her salvation. And then her son came to Christ,” says Kelly lane, who took part in the action.

Although the shooting continued, and “Summer Jesus” ends 26th Aug, Salaberrios wants to achieve significant change.

“We’ll go as far as we can, to attract the attention of Christians – and they take to the streets. Here only fifteen hundred bandits. If we focus on this group, then change Chicago,” he said.

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