One former Church in Washington was transformed literally into a work of art. Today the building of the Church “Technicolor” in the nation’s capital is hard to miss.

“You can see it well with the 395 freeway. But this route passes 175 thousand cars a day,” says the building Manager Ian Callender.

Probably motorists will contribute to the revival of interest in the old Church, which is now a real work of art, a hidden gem in downtown Washington.

“We were able to rethink its value, but also to keep the Church’s motives are in the community center,” continues Callender.

Baptist Church “Friendship” is not placed in the chapel, built in 1886, and therefore put the building up for sale and moved to a new building nearby. The years, the chapel was empty until 2023 hadn’t developed a new idea.

“In the end, the building turned into a space for art and culture, says Ian Callender. — We are now on the balcony of the former Church. Take a look to understand how everything was before. Sitting in the congregation. Imagine several rows of benches, and in front of the pastor. Now this is a very large space for different activities. Even the piano has become the object of modern art. We caught up with artist Alex Brewer, who for almost a month, she painted this building at Delaware Avenue, 700”.

“How hard was it to paint such a large object, as a Church? Yes, it’s three-dimensional architectural structure. I wanted to give it a sculptural quality, as if to wrap it in colors and patterns,” says artist Alex brewer.

“And now on the building there is no area free from paint, any creative contents or character. Again, this is something that can offer no other space — continues Ian Callender.

And is a creative content attracts tourists from outside, encouraging them to go inside.

For 131 years the people come to this Church to pray and worship God, and now they can also rate the object.

“They can learn and tell others not only what we did, but what did the members of the Church,” says Ian Callender.

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