Church leaders urged the Philippine President to apologize publicly to God

The President of the Philippines Duterte called God stupid because He allowed sin to destroy creation. These words hurt and outrage among Christians all over the world. Church leaders expect that God will make something wonderful out of this situation.

Brother Eddie Villanueva, the founder of one of the largest Christian churches in the Philippines, appealed, along with other Church leaders to President Duterte with the requirement to apologize publicly to God. This, he says, is part of the “corrections of the President in love.”

“To mock God, insult God it will lead to the wrath of God. And it will fall not only on Duterte, but also for the country, because he is the head of the country,” explains Eddie Villanueva, the movement of the “Philippines for Jesus”.

In addition to the controversial statements Duterte of “stupid God,” the pastor Villanueva also expressed his disagreement with the wicked political action, which were approved by the administration Duterte.

“When the government’s policy is correct, then we should support it. But when a policy or program are set up against God, as, for example, the so-called bill of Sogi, a complete divorce and same-sex marriage, I believe that no true Christian should support this,” continues Eddie Villanueva.

While the offended Christians prayed for Duterte, the President decided to turn this negative situation into something positive. The first team formed by the President Duterte, agreed to dialogue with the leaders of Evangelical churches. The leaders are happy because they look at it as an attempt of reconciliation with the President.

“What was initially conceived in evil, now turned good. To be in Christ is not to follow a religion or doctrine, but to have relationships, to restore relationship with God,” says Ernesto Abella, Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

“We can’t separate the state from God. The President must interact with religious leaders to build a better future for our country”, — says Bishop Ephraim, Tendero, the World Evangelical Alliance.

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