Clean water and small groups lead to sustained growth of the Church in Papua New Guinea

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Members of the Church of seventh-day Adventists attending the missionary meetings in the village of Avan in the Markham district, Morobe province, Papua New Guinea, recently in one week built a system of public water supply. Visitors to participate in the program came from Marawaka located at a distance of a few hours to the South.

Funds for this initiative in the area of water was collected through donations and contributions of Adventist churches throughout the province of Morobe. It was assumed that the project will cost nearly 100,000 PKK (30 000 US dollars), but was not built more than half of this cost.

“This project to bring it to fruition, would require months of work, but it only took us a week. Thank God it’s a miracle that we saw,” said the President of the Morobe mission Blasius, Manages.

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The current achievements in the region associated with the initiative launched in 2016, the first Full Program Involving Church Members (TMI) held in Salamaua in 2017. The goal of the program is to meet both physical and spiritual needs of people.

The baptism was held on Saturday last week for 81 candidates from Morobe Mission. On the same day the participants witnessed the service of ordination. Three Ministers received their credentials pastors of the Church of seventh-day Adventists.

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