“Come out, whoever you are five children waiting for” – after childbirth and anesthesia mom was very surprised

“I’m tired of the question “How are you doing?”” – Anastasia and Alexander Merkulov live in the city of partizánske (Primorye) and raising five kids, born in one day. How is the life of a family in which the kids are grown-the”quins”?

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  • The child slept for 15 minutes – I learned how to sleep for ten
  • “His semem”: large wheels and the main lifehack
  • Us nun put it, the tenth child waiting!
  • Went on maternity leave and fulfilled the dream – like dad was sitting with the kids and get a new profession
  • Family with six children was left without light and in the DCP propose to divorce for the sake of benefit

“Come out, whoever you are five children waiting for”

– You will have triplets! said the first ultrasound Anastasia and Alexander Merkulov, who had previously experienced a pregnancy loss. News the couple met with joy and without much surprise. Twins and triplets were found almost in every generation relatives of Anastasia.

However, doctors warned that one of the kids can freeze the heart.

We’re just in that period began to conduct Church life, and in this situation, decided to fully trust God – what will be will be, – says Anastasia.

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At the 16th week the doctors saw that children not three, but four. According to Anastasia, the doctors offered to “remove” someone from children as chetyrehpolozyj pregnancy is a complex business, the risk to women and children. Merkulov categorically said that none of the children do not plan to kill.

With two months of pregnancy Anastasia lying on the conservation in hospitals to always be under the supervision of doctors.

– From a medical point of view doctors are very helpful, but from a psychological I had the support of only one doctor, which I constantly observed. Others were frightened that the children “may be born freaks” and generally use your head.

Every time I got in the hospital, me with a spinning finger to his temple, saying, “what are you thinking About, why you need it?”

If they knew from the beginning that there were five, as I was later told by a doctor, they wouldn’t let me walk up to seven months, I was procesarii before. But every extra day in my mom’s belly is beneficial to children.

The fifth kid was hiding behind brothers and sister and declared itself only during childbirth. Births that took place under General anesthesia, took a reinforced brigade of doctors. Anastasia long departed from the anesthesia, the condition was difficult, a large blood loss, the bleeding didn’t stop for two days.

The doctor who operated on me at the perinatal center of Vladivostok – a doctor with a capital letter, takes me out of anesthesia with the words: “Come on, come out, come out, whoever you are, five children are waiting.” I said to her: “How five? I wore four”. She says: “You don’t need a fifth?” Answer: “it is not necessary? All my, all pick. You what? All of us, all waiting, all love”. On the third day, when I came to myself in a wheelchair I was taken to the children.

Children first was in intensive care, then in hospital – on dokazivanje, gaining weight, the youngest, was born weighing 1 kg 370 g, and discharged – 1 kg 800 g

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Strollers, Cribs and all other necessary wife began to buy closer to 30 weeks – with hands, to make it cheaper. Anastasia, lying in the hospital, searched all over the Internet, and then threw off her husband, and went shopping. Four cots, two strollers for twins. So to extract the needed also buy just one bed and a pram.

From the hospital were taken away by friends in a van (later at the. appeared and your) toddler put five car seats…

Helps only mode

The first two months helped the grandmother – mother Alexandra, who lived with Markelovym.

To 3.5 months the kids were only breastfed, then began to introduce supplementary feeding.

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Only one child took the breast, so I’m not tormented any children nor myself was decanted and fed from a bottle. And then, milk and mixture, and now when the children eat solid foods, feed at a time, they already know turn not outraged. They had not resented. The most vociferous Maxime and Matthew, are fed into the first and then the others. Raisa with Sam we have the youngest, they are bad eating, spits up, we are always long and slow fed for half an hour, on the hour.

Merkulov live strictly according to the mode. Food, walks, sleep – all at a certain time, or simply can not cope.

Bathe the children, too, in turn. When they were little, bathed grandma with Alexander: one brings takes, the other bathes, Anastasia was waiting in the room with the other children. Now – my husband takes one child, washes, brings Anastasia, who is sitting with the other kids, she wears diapers, pajamas and lays in bed. So each in turn, starting with the most vociferous.

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Put children on the street, too, at a time, starting with the noisy and restless.

When the children were two months, grandma was gone, Alexander has not yet reached the leave to care for children, and Anastasia for three months was with them alone.

– I don’t know how I lasted because we live in our own house, it was necessary to heat the oven. It was winter, I children dressed, opened the window in my room, and walked for three hours. Naturally, the house during this time was victuals, Windows closed and ran the stove to flooding.

The whole day. devoted mainly to children’s cases. But there is a time to speak – evening. And this helps you a mode.

In the evening, when we put the kids to bed (at nine), we have two hours, we safely prepare food, and talk.

Cook both spouses, when one handy, another in this moment with the kids. And sometimes, for example, Alexander has been repairing, Anastasia cook, children play under supervision.

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– Sleeping babies in different ways. Once you sleep well, sometimes not, especially if he’s teething and they cry at night. Then, if three hours sleep is good.

Actually, I think if children grow up together, they are not as susceptible to the cry of the other children. Although, sometimes, all at once begin to cry, and we together with my husband run from the crib to the bed.

Sick children are often also at the same time, even once all five were in the hospital with my mom.

Gradually, babies begin to master the surrounding space. Merkulov in this sense it is easier – they live in their own house, so in the yard dad fenced in a safe place where they can walk. But they have little designated areas, they increasingly want to know the world.

– Now children need to be watched, and strive somewhere to climb, so do not relax. Easier in the sense that there is no breastfeeding. And that children will soon be a big plus. I have a hernia, which is difficult to carry grown children, especially two at a time, so it will be better when they are “off hands”. Yeah, start to run – to flee, but we have nowhere to escape, your yard, make it as safe as possible.

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I bother and ironed all the baby stuff

During these eleven months, Anastasia has become easier to relate to everyday life and does not go, as before, with a rag, something endlessly scrubbing and cleaning. Dirty? Nothing, wait until the evening when Anastasia will wash the floors – I try to keep it clean, but now I know that is necessary to protect yourself, I want more time for children to spend, than wash floors. The only thing that continues to make Anastasia – ironed all the baby stuff, starting with the birth of the kids.

– Wish the kids were neat, clean. Especially when five children, ten times better Pat. Yes, I bother. But it is better to spend half an hour on Ironing, but to be calm.

Had Anastasia come to terms with the fact that the children learn about the world through taste buds, or rather, chew on everything in sight.

Sooner nervous, rubbed his hands with the wet wipes to stupor, nothing was allowed to lick inedible. But, reluctantly, began in some moments to take positions. For example, at sea they I have sand tried. Including Paradise, from which I was not expecting such, she’s the lady considered.

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Children eleven months, but from birth, each with its own character.

Twins Matthew and Ignat calm, affectionate and gentle. They love to cuddle, love to have them stroked, kissed. Savely, on the contrary, the affection is not particularly fond of. It is important to play with him. But if we kiss, it starts to snort and swear. Maxim gives emotions at once for all five. Kept it all wrong, all wrong, he is outraged. What is colic, we felt thanks to him as he screamed. He now screams if not for him, probably, all the neighbors hear. Raisa is the girl clever and well integrated. She can play for a long time. She loves daddy, daddy is everything.

Anastasia is going through that is not always possible to give everyone as much attention as required. Here is wanted all at the same time to handle, even alone with dad all at the same time will not take. Then the parents distract the kids co-op gameplay, and some classes.

– Yes, we tried with her husband to the maximum. But try, not try – at the same time attention is not give all five as much as you can give one, zataskivaya it and nasusuka.

Kids love to play together. For example, catch-up. How can anyone who is still unsteady feet, who is on all fours, laughing running away from parents. Happily ride on cars, tricycles.

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The situation when all going for a walk, and one child suddenly made diapers large case and need anyone to stay, change one and the other to wait – a very familiar.

– Well, change, others sitting, playing, waiting. It seems to me that children, even small, but I understand that it is difficult for us. When I’m alone with them, they behave much better than when next to dad.

Inoculated Merkulov trying to take a more adults – relatives, friends that each had one or two children.

Someone weights, someone reads, someone is already in the vaccine. Of course, the children crying after vaccination, well, calm. Prilovchilis already.

Tired of the question “How do you cope”

Hobby parents have the fundamental, as with a laugh, says Anastasia. Dad to relax from the worries of parenting – stoletnikat, deals with the renovation of the house, mother is working in the garden. Even Anastasia has been blogging on instagram, talks about life and she asked for advice from those who raised triplets.

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In August, the family first went to sea – home to the sea of Japan is an hour away by car. They loaded the kids into the van and drove the children to the sand running. That is run – it is too loudly, the kids, eleven months, and they are just learning to walk. Arrived right on the shore, landed all safely, without fear that the children will scatter. The sea is like everyone except Maxim – he was crying and wanted to come back.

What if Anastasia and tired during these months, so it’s an endless stupid questions. This summer she and her children and a friend went to a sanatorium…

– We arrived, all washed, spread a carpet of their own, so the children were comfortable. So curious citizens under any pretext, came to us in the Shoe in which walking down the street, curiously looked around. That’s what they wanted to see, I wonder?

When a hundred times a day asking, “How do you do it?” – tiring. And asking idly. Here I went to do Spa map, took three, Maxim was teething and he started to act up. And others too tired, wanted to sleep and began to whimper. So the man approached with a child with this issue.

How can you not handle? We have a choice? You just go and do it, with God’s help.

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