Community of the Savior Church of the manor “Muranovo” takes disadvantaged persons, deprived of their means of subsistence and have no housing

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Community of the Savior Church of the manor “Muranovo”, Aleksandro-Nevskogo khrama Sofrinsky brigade and the Passion of the Church d. artemovo in the Pushkin district of Moscow region takes disadvantaged persons, deprived of their livelihood and do not have housing.


All that comes the opportunity for accommodation and meals, as well as providing good-quality clothes and shoes, when ready to freely work on the reconstruction of Orthodox shrines. For everyone living in the community classes on God’s Law, but also periodically taken on pilgrimages to Holy places.

For the device on the ward do not have to have papers.

The community is also working with alcohol addicts and drug addicts, if people are willing to give up the habit. It is also possible to receive previously convicted (not wanted).

The age of 18 years. Mostly men in health.

There are no conditions for patients with serious or contagious diseases, and is not possible to accept the elderly.

Also waiting for the Orthodox people – the workers, the restoration of Orthodox shrines of our parish to the glory of God.

The community welcomes people who seek monastic life.

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