Community of the UOC S. Nova Moshchanytsya confirmed their loyalty to the canonical Church

The believers of the village of Nova Moshchanytsya remain under the jurisdiction of the UOC.

The believers of the village of Nova Moshchanytsya Zdolbuniv deanery of the diocese of Rivne by a majority of votes, expressed his desire to remain in the bosom of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

February 3, 2019, immediately after the Sunday divine Liturgy, rector of the Church of the Nativity of the virgin in the village of Nova Moshchanytsya Archpriest Igor Hnatyshyn headed announced in advance to the parish meeting, the correspondent of the SPM.

“Came the 70 people who took part in the vote – said the priest. – They are active parishioners, living the life of the Church, regularly partake of the Holy Mysteries, take care of the temple.”

The vote raised the issue of jurisdictional facilities of a religious community. 55 people voted to remain faithful to the canonical Church, 3 voted for the change of jurisdiction, the rest abstained. According to the voting results, in accordance with the Charter of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the faithful of the village of Nova Moshchanytsya remain under the jurisdiction of the UOC.

On the same day, several activists of the village decided to hold its meeting, also calling it “parochial” to consider the transition of the local religious community in ptsu. According to witnesses, the meeting at the country club attended by people who are not real members and do not attend Church even on Easter.

As told the correspondent SPM believers of the village of Nova Moshchanytsya, a week before “the parish” meeting at a local club in the village collected signatures in support of the DNC. Local residents, the behavior of the supporters of the new Ukrainian Church was outraged because some of them were not sober, and rudely demanded to sign, and threatened to allow himself to break into the house even at night.

Recall, February 4, 2019 hundreds of faithful of the UOC led by the clergy of the deanery of Zdolbunov of Rivne diocese came to Zdolbuniv district administration in protest against the agitation of the officials of the PCU and the forcible transfer of parishes in the new Church.

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