Companion missing client BlaBlaCar Irina Akhmatova confessed to her murder

Irina Akhmatova 29, 23 December she went to Tula for the morning to 8-year-old daughter, but on the way agreed to meet up with fellow travelers through the app BlaBlaCar, thanks to which you can drive to your destination for free or minimal money. Drivers use the app to “recapture” the price of gasoline or to stay awake on the road. Passengers to travel comfortably by car and cheaper than the train or plane.

Irina worked in a senior position in the capital’s catering. So often – she went to work from Tula to Moscow. Sometimes I stay here for the night, husband and daughter waited for her in his hometown. Eight year-old girls had a part in the school party, mother could not come. She sat in the car in the South of Moscow, near the metro station “Anino” after the work shift, but not reached the destination. Users of social networks many questions to the young woman. Why it took the companions a stranger? But, according to media reports, 39-year-old Vitaly Chikirev in the questionnaire, where he used someone else’s photo, said that going family.

His own profile in social networks does not cause any suspicion. The man lives in Riyadh and has two adult sons, he is in a new marriage where, obviously, also have small children.

It is known that Vitaly Chikirev served in hot spots, and participated in anti-terrorist operations, was to “Combat brotherhood” (all-Russian public organization of veterans) and has previously been convicted for rape, which had serious consequences (1 November 2004, paragraph “b” of part 2 of article131, paragraph “b” of part 2 of article132, part 3 of article 69 of the criminal code to 6 years of imprisonment released April 13, 2010 by sentence 1 November 2004, paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 131, paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 132, part 3 of article 69 of the criminal code to 6 years in prison, released on 13 April 2010 by sentence).

He registered several fake accounts on the search for companions to sit in the car Irene. First, the car was followed to the destination, but about Serpukhov turned 180 degrees and headed in the direction of the Yaroslavl region.

Vitaly Chikirev has already given grateful evidences. He claims that he killed Irina Akhmatova with the purpose of robbery.

According to the TV channel “360” citing an anonymous law enforcement source, the man was for some time forced treatment in a psychiatric hospital. The murder of the woman he planned. Several accounts in the service saying that he wanted to sit in the car Irene.

That Irina takes companions, knew her husband. They called up shortly before the tragedy. The conversation lasted about 15 minutes, discussing the plans for the new year. Service often used the friends and acquaintances of the woman. The driver is essential to speak with someone to stay awake on the road, and a long way, many people think that travel is safer… We do not know, said Vitaly Chikirev young mother that day. May promised that his family will get in the car later. Two women in the past he was threatened with a Taser and a knife, but at least left alive.

Dec 28, husband of Irene received a call. Unknown reported missing from under the influence of drugs, demanded a ransom of 100 thousand rubles. Law enforcement assured the man that his grief was exploited by fraudsters. Family Irina was friendly. No fighting the day before, they just wanted to spend the holidays.

The alleged killer Irina was hiding at a friend in the Vladimir region. Car Akhmatova found without license plates in the Parking lot at a shopping center in Yaroslavl region.

Service BlaBlaCar gave the result of all data to search for Audi A4 car joined the volunteers, Vitaly Chikirev quickly enough managed to hold. Users of social networks in the account of a suspect in the murder behave aggressively and say they are ready to go on a lynching. The body of missing woman found under Serpukhov in the Moscow region. The defendant himself pointed out to investigators where he left the body. Works with delayed effect.

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