Completed restoration of the main Cathedral High-Petrovsky monastery


Ends with the restoration of the stone Church of Peter the Metropolitan, the official website of the Moscow Mayor. This is the main Cathedral High-Petrovsky monastery — one of the oldest Church buildings in Moscow (founded in XIV century). The stone Church of Peter the Metropolitan was built by Italian architect Aleviz New on the premises of the convent two centuries later, in 1514. It was named in honor of the founder of the monastery, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus ‘ of St. Peter. The construction had the form of an octagonal tower with the helmet dome.

“The whole monastery complex began to be restored in 2016. The bulk of the funds were allocated in the framework of the city program of providing subsidies to religious organisations. Already completed the work on the bell tower with the gate Church and the Church of Pachomius. We are completing the restoration of the Church of Metropolitan Peter, which was included in a grant scheme in 2017. Specialists conducted a large-scale complex of works on the facades, in particular, restored the unique painting. All in all, this year, subsidies for the restoration of religious sites was issued on 17 sites belonging to four different religions”, — said the head of Moscow cultural heritage Department Alexey Emelyanov.


For his semionovo history of vysoko-Petrovskiy monastery was reconstructed several times. And among the benefactors and builders of the temple complex were the princes Ivan Kalita and Dmitry Donskoy, Grand Prince Vasily III, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, Emperor Peter I.

“Completing the recovery and strengthening of the Foundation of the main Cathedral of the monastery, the track around him and the steps of the porch of the main entrance, lined with large granite tiles. The walls of the temple have already strengthened with a special solution, plastered and painted them red technologies XVI century. Restored on the facades of ornament as if twisting around the portal of the main entrance and Windows are located nearby. Restoration of the monastic complex continued”, — said the head of Moscow cultural heritage Department.

In the beginning of XVII century the territory of the temple complex was surrounded by a stone wall, and at the end of the same century its area increased through annexation of the estate Naryshkins. 1690 to 1694 built here Bogolyubsky, the temple and the community building with the Naryshkin chambers. To 1750 mu between the bell tower and fraternal building was erected the Church of the Tolga Icon of the Mother of God, and three years later, construction began on the Church in the name of St. Pachomius the Great (later it was pereosvyaschena in the Church of Peter and Paul). In 1890 a fraternal body was attached to a private building.

Formally, the monastery was closed immediately after the 1917 revolution, but over the next 10 years continued the work of the Church. Gradually they began to adapt for other needs. So, St. Peter the Metropolitan has become a warehouse for art funds Directorate of the Ministry of culture of the RSFSR. In this capacity, the historic building was in before the 1980-ies. In 1984, after years of neglect was attempted restoration. Then experts have established that the temple is a well preserved monument uncharacteristic for Russia Renaissance architecture. Work carried out under the guidance of the famous architect Boris Dedushenko, but the restoration is not completed. The full activities of the monastery and its main Church were resumed only in 2009.

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