Conservators restored 300-year-old Bible


1 Dec TV channel “History” will show wonders restoring ancient Bible, which is almost 300 years lay on the sunken ship “Archangel Raphael”. As possible, the audience will see in the new movie “Graphics” from the documentary series “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia”.

In 2017 in Moscow began a unique restoration, the likes of which has never happened in the history of Russia. The specialists took the printed German Bible, which lay at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland since 1724. Survived only a tenth of the total volume of the book. Its pages were crumpled and glued together, the paper imbibed the traces of sand-clay sediments and decayed organic remains. Vintage paper, which in the XVIII century was made from cotton raw material, and the printed text have been preserved quite well, however, any careless touch could cause this monument of culture of irreparable damage.


The story of the restoration of the Bible is reminiscent of action-Packed investigation. Experts had to solve problems that previously were not encountered. It took a private workshop of the Center academician Igor Grabar, who works with damaged graphic works and books.

“When in the course of excavations of the book is lifted from the bottom, it was urgent to decide what to do with this exhibit. Techniques and such cases in our restoration practice has not yet met,” – said the artist-restorer Eugene Mymrin.


Ancient Bible literally dismantled piece by piece. The page was subjected to physicochemical analysis to determine the type of paper and paint.
Studied in the rays of ultraviolet light and infrared radiation — this allows you to see recent recordings and layers. Carefully examined under a microscope, and then split the dirt in the tub and cleaned page by using medical instruments.

Before restoration the book, the pages are lined and returned integrity to get rid of cracks and even holes. We used the method of adding — paper pulp from cotton fiber with a pipette was added to problem areas and dry. All these amazing processes, viewers will be able to see in the new movie “Graphics” on the TV channel “History”.


Restorers, for example, recovery of rare drawings by famous Russian artists A. Kuindzhi, I. Shishkin, V. Serov, Savrasov will introduce more versatile methods of their work. In addition to numerous drawings, portraits and a book of engravings in the Center named after academician Grabar restored bolsamania copies of temple murals, Italian murals-tapestries, Chinese scrolls on silk, Japanese colored woodcuts and old parchment scrolls. In some years, through the workshop took place up to 1000 the graphics sheet in a year.

See the documentary “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia” on television channel “History” every Saturday at 19:30, repeated on Sunday at 15:45.

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