Tim Tebow is one of the most famous athletes in the United States. But in life, Tim was not all smooth. Recently, he told CBN reporter about how his faith helped him to overcome life’s difficulties.

The world noticed Tim Tebow, even when he was playing College football at the University. But who would have predicted that the owner of a “Heisman trophy” and the professional football defender will be in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they will play in little League baseball?

Why baseball? Why Tim decided to start with a clean slate? And what did you feel when you first scored a home run?

“When you score a home run, it’s so nice, says Tim Tebow. — To play baseball I liked since high school. I decided to attend the University of Florida, and this thought never left me over the past few years, especially the last two years. I’ve often thought: why not go this route? If it’s something I’m passionate about, if this desire in my heart, that this needs to be addressed”.

Let Tim and passionate about baseball, but first he chose not to it as a career. “The Denver Broncos” he was invited right out of University, and after he was promoted to the position of starting quarterback, Tim led the team to its first victory in the playoffs over the past six years. Despite a promising first season, “the Broncos” were exchanged athlete, and since then his career went downhill. In subsequent years, Tim was fired from three teams in a row.

“When this worry for the rest? Something to stand on? On what basis? Who are you? And, more importantly, what is your relationship with Christ?” — says Tim.

A little over a year ago Tim felt that God prompts him to write a book for other who are facing various problems.

“I wanted to write something for people to encourage them, to say that there is a God who loves you, who created you in love, by love, for love, for a purpose and you have value and importance. So when people are experiencing difficult times, they have something to hold on to. The important thing is that they have a relationship with Christ,” says Tim Tebow.

In his new book “Shaken” Tim talks about his difficult times. It describes and attempts to become “the guy” in the new team and being under the scrutiny of the media, and life in isolation, while paparazzi camped out three metres from his front door, and the realization that in American football it is likely no future. He writes: “I had no job, no car, no house.” While sports commentators and the media interviewed people are happy with what Tim experienced failures.

“Not everyone is familiar with the UPS, but almost everyone has experienced a fall. How to behave in such moments? What to do in such periods? How to overcome them? After all, tough times are inevitable. Life is not all smooth. But when you manage to focus on God and His plan for your life, it all makes sense. You know, that’s what matters,” says Tim.

Despite the criticism, Tim managed to remain calm and stay focused.

“When you believe in yourself, in what you’re doing the right thing, and give the business your all, you have to ignore the critics and pay no attention to the naysayers. There is a saying “In one ear flew, flew to another”. I try not even to let flew in one ear. “Don’t even look. Don’t even go into the social network. Don’t read Newspapers, don’t watch TV”. Here’s what means to me focus on the goal and not allow the naysayers to sway you and distract you from your goal,” he says.

In the book Tim is with great confidence telling the readers about Jesus and challenges them to take up your cross. What is his prayer about the people who will read this book?

“So they took courage and wanted to find a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. And that means not only go to Church on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, but really have a deep relationship, personal, intimate relationship with the God who so loves us that he sent His Son to die for us,” utverjdaet Tebow.

Tim writes candidly about many things in the book, but don’t expect details of his personal life. However, he shared his views on relationships.

“I think prayer is very important. And you need to accept the wisdom of God from people whom you respect, says Tim. — Also, I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who will tell you what you really need to hear, not what you want to hear. And that they will be able to guide you on the right path, because the relationship sometimes, it happens that you can’t see clearly what’s around you, but around this much”.

The book “Shocked” inspired not only by his own experience of overcoming disappointments.

“I saw so many people going through turmoil, so they thought, “I don’t even know if I’ll be here tomorrow.” And some of them I’ve seen such amazing faith that even in this position, it’s still something to keep, namely your relationship with Christ,” says Tim Tebow.

In 2010, Tim founded the Tim Tebow Foundation, which each year helps thousands of orphans, children with special needs and terminally ill children.

“The motto of our Foundation is: “to Carry faith, hope and love to those who need bright day in the dark period,” he says.

God had planted that seed when Tim was 15 years old and he met a Filipino boy named Sherwin, who had deformed feet. In 2015, the Fund opened in the Philippines a hospital specializing in orthopedics operations.

“In our hospital in the Philippines get such boys as Sherwin, with foot deformities. We select them on the street and taken to the hospital, and from there they go out independently. However, they receive not only physical but also spiritual and emotional healing,” says Tim Tebow.

This hospital is proud of Tim.

“People come here with bowed head, and go up high,” he says.

But what about the critics of the baseball career of Tim?

“To criticize will always be: “Why are you doing this? You have so little chance of success.” But I think only about how to realize his dream, and do not think about defeat. I don’t think about what they say about me, because I am a believer, and perfect love casts out all fear from me,” says Tim.

Tebow does not believe that he lost something.

“You just have to love God, love people and bring people together. How many people can you love in the name of Jesus? How many people can I help in the name of Jesus? It is the goal. No other purposes. The rest is not important. That’s what’s important. Everything clearly. I love to do and I think that that is my purpose,” he says.

This is what Tim plays on the field and beyond. He already plays at thousands of stadiums, but due to less number of viewers had a new opportunity from God. Recently, Tim became a hero of the headlines once prayed for the recovery of the fan, which had a seizure right after the game. Later, Tim learned that the man decided to accept Jesus when I was watching the game and other fans were saying about God.

“If you believe that I serve a great God, and believe what He has prepared for you role, you will be able to live confidently, following His instructions. That is exactly what is needed to safely to do, and not listen to those who you will talk,” says Tim Tebow.

Tim didn’t see baseball in his future, but God is seen. Every ball thrown in his direction, the athlete continues to believe God and not allow anything to shake their faith.

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