Coptic Church of Egypt during the year will not be cut in monks

Christians make up about 10% of Egypt’s population

The termination of vows as a monk in connection with the death of the Bishop of the Coptic Church.

Coptic Church of Egypt has ceased the acceptance of novices into monasteries and monastic tonsure as a monk for a period of one year, according to the Washington Post.

The reason for this decision was the mysterious death of the Abbot of the monastery of Macarius the Great, Bishop Epiphanius, who was found dead on July 29.

His body was found in a pool of blood in his cell. According to preliminary data, the Hierarch of the Coptic Church discovered back injuries and head.

The police in Egypt launched an official investigation into the death of the Bishop.

The Abbot of the monastery of Macarius the Great was a famous interpreter of the Christian heritage into Arabic.

The Coptic Church is among the ancient Eastern (Ahalkalaki) Churches. Currently consists of 400 communities, most of them in Egypt, the other in the Egyptian Diaspora.

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