All-Ukrainian Council of churches and religious organizations strongly opposed the amendments to the Code of labour laws on the prohibition of discrimination in labour relations. Council members believe that under the so-called “anti-discrimination amendment” hides institutionalized the promotion of homosexuality.

According to the decision of Parliament, the Code of labor laws complemented by the list of grounds on which discrimination is prohibited in labour relations: “sexual orientation,” “gender identity”, “disability” and so on. The so-called “anti-discrimination amendment” — one of the key requirements of the European Union on Ukraine’s way towards visa free regime.

Bill No. 3442 has become the most controversial part of the so-called “visa package”. The Parliament adopted it on the seventh attempt, with violation of the procedure regulations at all stages of consideration and adoption of this document. The bill was voted on in the same day and registered in the Parliament on November 10. Put to the vote as a whole as the law without the positive conclusion of the relevant Committee and consideration by the deputies, first and second readings and discussion. Was adopted after repeated voting, despite the fact that many deputies expressed their disagreement.

“It was a very humiliating procedure for deputies, and also is a humiliation and a slap on all Ukrainian citizens and on democracy in General, — said Ruslan Kukharchuk, the head of the civic movement “ALL together”. — An attack on Christian tradition, on the law, regulations and procedures. So, was followed by corresponding reaction, including the heads of Christian denominations”.

“We understand this is not about discrimination per se, but about the attempt under the guise of anti-discrimination to implement in the Ukrainian legislation two purely ideological term “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Enter them in the legal field of Ukraine in order to continue to purposefully expand the field of their application — that can be seen in other countries, officially or unofficially,” says the head of the information Department of the UOC-KP Archbishop yevstratii (Zoria).

Press conference with participation of members of the Ukrainian Council of churches and religious organizations was held on November 19, a few days before the signing of the President of Ukraine controversial law. Their position of journalists briefed by representatives of Orthodox, Greek – and Roman – Catholic churches of Evangelical Christians and Judaism.
Spiritual leaders were the same: protecting the LGBT community, the amendment will lead to the promotion of “same-sex” relations and discrimination against all other citizens, especially believers of different faiths. In the near future, this could lead to approval of gay marriage at the legislative level of Ukraine.

“I’m sorry, if it’s actually hard tough pressure from the West to Ukraine to implement a very controversial rule. First of all “sexual orientation” under the raincoat against discrimination, and in fact making possible the promotion of this phenomenon, which is uncharacteristic of Ukrainian mentality,” — said during a press conference the Head of the external relations Department of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archpriest Oleksa Petriv.

“This law is equally discriminary and representatives of sexual minorities, and representatives of the majority. Because now everyone in the job to declare their sexual preferences. This discrimination,” — said the assistant to the chief Rabbi of Ukraine Yakov Milman.

“We are not advocating discrimination against homosexuals, we are against the propaganda of homosexuality, which can result from the entry into force of this law, — said the Deputy of the Department for external Church relations of the UOC Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich. —I would like to remind you that there are a number of countries that do not have this amendment, and that homosexuality even exists criminal liability, but which have a visa-free regime with the European Union”, — he said during a press conference.

Not so long ago, people around the world watched the development of the story Kim Davis. The American official went to jail for it, based on their Christian beliefs, refused to register the marriage of homosexual couples.
Representatives of the Ukrainian Council of churches say that such incidents can happen in Ukraine in a few years. And promise to continue to uphold the values of traditional family. Including expressing the protest against these laws.

“The Church has the right to state in public life, like all other institutions of civil society to Express their position on what she feels my call — says the head of the information Department of the UOC-KP Archbishop yevstratii (Zoria). — The work of Parliament to make laws, but if we have a choice to listen to God’s law and man when they contradict each other, we will always listen to the Law of God.”

Based on Christian principles, Ukraine has evolved for many centuries. Today, the country is in search of a new vector, which it needed updated legislation. But will the new legislation take into account the opinion of people who advocate traditional family values, sacred to the Ukraine, a country with Christian roots?

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