Critics are outraged: in the gospel of the Nativity of the virgin Mary, no!

The Nativity of the virgin – one of those signs argue about which down speak critics of the Church: a tale, a fiction, in the gospel it is not!.. Well, yeah, no. So what about the “unscientific” tradition – reflects the priest Sergei Kruglov.


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Priest Sergei Kruglov

How much I remember, on this day, September 21, on the Nativity of the virgin – always the gentle, cool, clear autumn sun… Maybe just me the same – I do not know.

Yesterday, I read a lot of news: scientists warn that global warming occurs, the climate of the planet is deteriorating, coming terrible disaster. What will become of us, as the children will live, I thought in dismay… And lo and behold, the clouds, overlaid our town lately, somewhere stretched, virgin of the azure sky and the sun, and somehow take it easy, let go lightly on the heart. Sweet but not syrupy, restrained, calm, maternal comfort:

“Nothing, nothing… And it will pass. Everything goes. All born, all die – it will rise again… I should know: I gave birth, I died, and My Son died, and rose, and I rose. Everything goes, all the fears, worries, concerns. And maternal-uterine, from generation to generation is the same in all and for all, will be transformed into a different, unsaid, and death will cease.

And zivorodjasie the bosom of creation, stroganoe convulsions of agony and passion, will subside, as He said Himself, in heaven do not marry is not infringing, are like angels, very different, not like now… And heavens, I ask, where? And here they are. They – our true home which was with us, inside of us, and grew up there as a grain of mustard seed, in spite of all the sin, Tugu everyday life, terror and death, and grows up both inside and out, all in all, and our children will become our true friends in God, as we are – with all your ancestors…”

That the answer to this consolation? Comfort – because it explains nothing, does not preach, does not require, nowhere calls, it is just comforting, because regrets, love without inflammation and self, not stifled in a passionate embrace, gives to breathe himself, all about you, understands and does not idealize you, but will not mnogogolovy not moralize helps – survive the disaster, pain, horror, fear, weakness…

That will answer most pure, in addition, that for centuries say all Christians:

“Cuide Mataram virginity and weird virgins childbearing; in Thee, o Theotokos, Wallpaper ustroilsya. The Cha, all the tribes of the earth, unceasingly magnify”.


“A tale, fiction, of the gospel.”

The Nativity is one of the most beloved Orthodox holidays, new, bright, no wonder it is very near the Beginning of the Indiction – Church new year celebration. Who sees September – fall, dying, of darkness and coldness, and who, on the contrary blue and gold the beginning of a new…

The Nativity of the virgin – one of those signs argue about which down speak critics of the Church: a tale, a fiction, in the gospel it is not!.. Well, yeah, no. The text of the so-called “Protoevangelium of Jacob”, in which the unknown author tells ostensibly as an eyewitness of the acts of Joakim and Anna, of the marvelous events of the conception of the blessed virgin, Her birth, Her introduction into the temple, raising of the temple, the vicissitudes associated with the birth of his Son, was written approximately in II century whether in Syria or in Egypt, he was later, like other Apocrypha, rejected by the teachers of the Church and for centuries, about ten, disappeared from the everyday life of believers. However, the very event of the Nativity, believers celebrated from the earliest times.

Critics probably can’t or don’t want to understand that the Church lives not by texts and not by scientific methods of studying these texts, although this study, of course, is necessary and appropriate.

In this sense, the Church lives not even the Gospels, not the book itself. She lives off – Sunday. A specific event that changed the world.

Living faith and living – living

Of course, the farther from the historical epicenter of the miracle of the explosion people lived, the more urgent was the need to write down what you can pass, and was readable and transferable letters of the Apostle Paul, then the gospel is written, compiled the Canon of Scripture, but were written and many of the Apocrypha, all of these texts, as those Christian books that are written later and appear so far – its purpose, its meaning and its fate…

But if all of these texts suddenly for some reason disappeared, it would not be an irreversible disaster. The Church would not disappear, because the Christ is alive, He is risen once and for all. But if you imagine that there is the Resurrection, then there is no difference between the Gospels, the Apocrypha, revelations theologians and scientific research of the textual and archaeologists, no, all this “clerical literature” are not needed.

Simply put, it is the spirit of Resurrection lives, the Church, and much that occurred over the centuries of its existence in the world, was born, maybe, ridiculous, illogical, faulty in the sense of “breeding” from the point of view of not knowing of the Resurrection of the world, but executed it very life-giving spirit, how to live toward the new Heavens and new people.

And this is what we know about the birth of the light of the ever-virgin Mary, whose flesh allowed God to become flesh for us. Apocryphal source, which talked about the event, not, of course, idealized.


The wrong one parish priest who once told me, almost anathema subjected to a parishioner, on the trouble read “over-program” and attempted to Express the opinion that the story of the elderly Joachim and Anna could have been written by the narrator, simply inspired by the story of the patriarchs Abraham and Sarah…

But contemptuously to erase the tradition of the Nativity from the life of the Church as “unscientific” is to pay off this September clear sky, transparent, the sun, and in the heart – a mother’s light of consolation immaculate.

Living faith and lives on living, not on one only perfected the formulas of dogma, and certainly not on tiny fragments of “authentic” sticking out from the pile of “unreliable”, which critics of the Church threw away in the process of rigorous search of the so-called “historicity”. Formulas and proofs, of course, necessary and important – but nothing more than need a vessel to keep wine for a wedding feast, which brings together loving each other.

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