D.C. Bible Museum opened an exhibition of personal belongings of Billy Graham

Should get to the exhibition of personal belongings of Billy Graham in the Washington, D.C. Museum of the Bible in order to consider the relationship between the American pastor and the gospel he proclaimed.

Photos and quotes — everything speaks about the presence of Billy Graham, as in his life. Today, a few months after his death, this exhibition tells us about the personal life of the preacher. Books, Bibles and other things describe the path of the Evangelist from young boy to man, which helped to gain Christ to millions. Among them was the designer of this exhibition is Anthony Schmidt.

Schmidt remembers how her parents were watching Graham on TV and even called for his last crusade.

“This video from his campaign for the revival in new York. Graham has been technology and media. This sets him apart”, says Schmidt.

More than 60 years, Graham has used radio, television, movies and mass crusade in order to teach the Scripture.

“We wanted to understand how Graham was able to understand and interpret the Bible and how it was affecting his Ministry,” explains Schmidt.

From August to January you can watch on this show things not seen before. You can read Graham’s record, which he did in Bible school, and personal messages from mother and father, and also to see a couple of military boots that he wore in Korea in 1952. The exhibition also illuminates his influence on culture and politics.

At the beginning of this year, the son and heir of the service Graham told us that despite the position of his father, he always knew his calling.

“My father never wanted to be a star. Perhaps that is why God used it,” said Franklin Graham.

This New Testament belonged to Billy Graham. He wanted to know him as a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it’s written on his grave in North Carolina. This exhibition features objects and images that show how important was the Bible: from the beginning to the end of his Ministry, until the sermon at his funeral.

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