Day of prayer for orphans

November 11, thousands of Christians will raise their voices for children left without parental care. By tradition, the “Day of prayer for orphans” (Orphans Sunday) is held on the second Sunday of November.

“On this day we prayerfully plead for the orphans. We are a people called to defend the orphans, to care for children who have no family to help orphans in their trouble” — say the organizers.

The churches held all sorts of events dedicated to prayer and caring for orphans.

Every year Christians in the former Soviet Union also participate in this event. In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and many other countries around the world Christians hold Day of prayer for orphans with one goal – to give every child in the world was family.

This year the motto selected a verse from Scripture: “God sets the solitary in families” (PS.67:7).

The movement of prayer for orphans got its start in Zambia. One Sunday, the pastor, passionate about the protection of children-orphans in the society, called upon his Church to unite in prayer and bring what they could give to orphans. People who themselves were in need, and brought the money, food, clothing. The guest from America is so impressed by this that I began to help in the dissemination of the idea of the Day of prayer for Zambia, and then in 2003 brought this idea to US. Every year, more and more countries began to hold Day of prayer for orphans.


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