After two weeks of incessant attacks by Israeli law enforcement officers have stepped up patrols in the streets of Jerusalem. They are preparing for the new “days of rage” by Palestinians.

On the eve of “day of anger” rebellious Palestinians burned the tomb of the biblical Patriarch Joseph in Nablus. Director General of the Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs Dore gold compared it to “the actions of Islamic extremist groups from Afghanistan to Libya.” Usually in the “days of rage” Palestinians rioted and clashed with Israeli troops in the hot spots in Judea and Samaria or the West Bank. After a week of attacks by the Israeli police went on Friday fully prepared for the Palestinians declared a “day of rage”. Prime Minister Netanyahu told reporters that the current wave of terror and violence are some instigators.

“First there was the story of the al-Aqsa mosque and outrageous statements, if we change its status quo or going to tear it down, and now the new big lie. It is a lie that Israel punishes the Palestinians,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel in the execution of one whom he called innocent Palestinian boy. Last week this guy stabbed his peer-Israeli.

“First of all, he’s alive — says Benjamin Netanyahu. — Currently, this Palestinian terrorist is being treated in the Hadassah hospital in Israel.”

With regard to the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple mount, according to Israel, it is, as before, is permitted to pray only to Muslims. Christians and Jews are restricted, and pray are not eligible. Netanyahu said that this problem has nothing to do with the peace negotiations: “They attack us not because they want or don’t want peace, but only because I don’t want to we were here,” says the Prime Minister of Israel.

The tension in Israel is quite noticeable. Many Israelis avoid public places. But others do not lose heart: “In my entire life I have never experienced. As a child, I heard about something like that — about the second intifada, but have never personally experienced” — told passers-by. “I am very sorry to see such images on Facebook. I sympathize with the victims and hope they get well soon,” say the Israelis.

“Yes, sometimes scary walk through the city, but not so scary, because I believe in God and know that He will help us”, — says the inhabitant of Jerusalem.

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