Denise Renner: “depends on the woman, what kind of atmosphere is in the house”

The family is the place where we spend the majority of their time. It was originally intended by God that a number of us throughout life there are people who are closest to us. When the time comes, the man leaves the parental nest to establish a new unit of society. It’s a given that girls with childhood imagine being a Princess, and boys princes, who will overcome any obstacle for the sake of his beloved. However maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the family – labour. And the Bible mentions that “a wise wife will suit your house, but the foolish destroys it with her hands. Pastor Denise Renner for seminars for women, shared about how important the role of the wife in the family.

To be married is an art. And only a wise woman has the ability to create. In her hands, will there be peace in the family, or Vice versa disorder. Is the wife responsible for the family atmosphere and can say that its role is key.

Most often, when people marry, each of them expects his companion to make him happy. And unfortunately, in the beginning, people focusing more on consumerism. The truth is that a healthy marriage is possible only when both partners aim to give and not to take each other hands with the phrase: “You should….”.

But why did Solomon in the Proverbs, have affected the role of women?

“First, you must start with yourself. We are the builders. If a man loved a woman as himself, and she would respect him, the marriage would be fine. For men it is very important to be respected. And it is our responsibility, as women, says Denise Renner. “When we make the decision to adhere to God’s Word, we open the door to Heaven. But, if there is a constant fight between parents, even children, can get sick. It is the peace at the house brings healing. And we should clearly understand how important it is to keep it.

As respects the wife, you can always end the dispute and not to develop it further. The first thing you need is to stop judging my husband. Understand one simple thing. When you condemn, you put yourself under the court’s position. It is important to understand what is happening with your husband it is between him and Jesus.

In marriage you have to constantly forgive. Be ready always to forgive. In John 20:23 says, “Who’s sins you forgive, they are forgiven; whosoever sins you retain, they are retained”. We forgive because Jesus paid our debt.

Forget about the word “divorce”. This should not even be mentioned. Generally you should always think about what we say. Women need to pay special attention to this area. We carry the Holy spirit, so must follow what is spoken. Let go of a good thing, and where it is needed – better to keep your mouth shut.

To keep the right things especially helps secret room, where you will hear God. So you will fill the peace, joy, love, longsuffering. And most importantly, you’ll know where you need to show wisdom.

Learn to appreciate your husband. Find those qualities of character and his deeds, for which you are grateful to him. Tell him often about them and Express admiration. You will see how he will be willing to do much for you. Admiration is very important to men. Try to look at it as if “through rose-colored glasses”. Show mercy to his shortcomings.

Your man needs to feel your support. Think what difficulties he faces and just be there, encourage him. He feels that you are not against him, but close.

If suddenly you feel irritated, I go to another room and talk with God. And then continue the conversation. The man does not like the screams and scandals. So it’s best if you can send emotions in a different direction. So you keep the right atmosphere in the family.

Never reject an intimate relationship with a man. Them it hurt. For your husband it is an opportunity to tell him that you love him.

Also never compare yourself with someone, don’t tell him about his physical deficiencies and not fix it in public. Maintain the credibility of his men.

Start practicing these things and see how your wisdom “builds her house”. Decide that you are a wise wife. Then marriage will be strong and the man will want to stay with such a woman.


Anna Sutorina, especially for GOD.NEWS



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