Denmark passed a law banning the wearing in public places Islamic headgear that conceals the face

Protesters against the adoption of the new law for Muslim women in niqab next to the Danish Parliament. Copenhagen. 31 may 2018.

1 August 2018 on the territory of the Danish Kingdom, as reported by the news portal of the newspaper “Times of Israel”, came into force discussed since February of this year a law banning the wearing in public places Islamic headgear that conceals the face. And repeatedly, during the last days in the capital of Denmark had imposed a variety of fines and even have been several incidents that have led to malicious arrest violators of the adopted law.

According to him, “the wearing in public of any clothing or headwear (including those associated with religious traditions), hiding partially or completely the person will be punished by a fine of 1000 crowns (about 160$”). Repeated violation will be punished by a fine of 10,000 CZK.

The ban applies primarily to such Islamic attire as a “niqab”, “burqa” and “the veil”, as well as other accessories that conceal the face, in particular the “balaclavas” invoices and false beards. However, special winter clothing, sports equipment and carnival masks are derived from actions taken by law.

The Danish Parliament has vetiroval the law 75 votes for against 30 (it was mostly MPs and centre-right, social Democrats and representatives of the right “people’s party”)..

Demonstration of supporters of the German right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” – among the posters seen protesters demand ban of wearing the niqab

“The wearing of garments of this type are incompatible with the values of Danish society and is a sign of disrespect to the norms accepted in our society” – said the Minister of justice of Denmark the Coppa Poulsen. “Forbidden to close the face for any reason in public places, we stress that people in Denmark have to show each other the respect and full confidence” – he added.

Recall that the first European country to legally ban the wearing in public places Islamic headwear that covers the face, began in 2011 France. After this, similar laws were adopted in Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, some German länder and in Austria. In 2017, the European Court of human rights has rejected the protest of the Belgian Muslims, who tried to challenge the law, and confirmed the legitimacy of this legislation for Belgium.

Muslim women in the garments, manufactured according to the requirements of their religion.

The Muslim community of Denmark and the human rights organization Amnesty international condemned the adoption of a law prohibiting the wearing of headgear that conceals the face, as “discrimination of women’s rights on religious grounds,” but supporters of the acceptance of this norm stated that “this measure will contribute to better integrate Muslim immigrants into Danish society”.

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