Departed to the Lord Abbot of Dohihara geronda Gregory (Sumis)

The Abbot of the monastery Dochiar the Holy mount Athos, Archimandrite Gregory (Sumis)

The Abbot of the monastery Dochiar the Holy mount Athos, Archimandrite Gregory (Sumis) died 22 Oct at 23:25.

Geronda Gregory died at the age of 76 years after a serious incurable illness. The funeral will be held on October 23, according to “Russian Athos.”

Archimandrite Gregory was born at Paros, was a close relative of Joseph the Hesychast, the famous Athonite elder.

65 years of his life spent in the monastery, monastic path began under the leadership of two well-known ascetics of piety of the elders Philotheus (Zervakos) and Amphilochius (Makris) Putmessage. Tonsure adopted January 1, 1967 from the elder of STS and asceticised in the monastery under his leadership. After the death of the elder in 1970, Gregory had to leave with several other monks in the monastery, located in Central Greece, then in Karpenisi, the Prussian monastery of the mother of God.

Some time later he and several brothers were invited to the monastery on mount Athos Dohar. Almost immediately after the arrival of father Gregory was elected Abbot. The monastery, which had already began to collapse under his leadership revived, gathered brethren.

About geronde Gregory spoke as a strict, but friendly old man. Serious health problems did not prevent him almost every day to climb the mountain, where he oversaw the restoration of the ancient ruined temples. As an influential Archimandrite, he wore old clothes, was very easy to communicate with and seemed like a monk, saying that since he likes. The elder asked for prayers as “the robber Gregory”.

Possessing great wisdom, wrote the book “the men of the Church whom I knew”.

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