Departed to the Lord the oldest of St. Daniel’s monastery Abbot Raphael (Shishkov)

22 December 2018 vicar of St. Daniel monastery of Moscow, Archimandrite Alexy (Polikarpov) made in the Trinity Cathedral of the monastery the burial service the oldest monk of the monastery of chiyoumen Raphael (Shishkov), reports the Synodal Department for monasteries and monasticism.

Father Raphael reposed in the Lord on December 20, 2018 on 88 year of life.

On the same day, the ever-memorable Abbot Raphael was buried in the courtyard of St. Daniel monastery of S. Dolmatov in the city of Domodedovo of the Moscow region.

His reverence lived a quiet but full life. Having chosen from a young age the path of undivided service to the Lord and His Church, never questioned the faith and not turned off the chosen path.

So was father, so he will remain in the memory of the brethren, his spiritual children and people close to him.

Pray for the blessed memory, resting father Raphael and wish him eternal rest in the mansions of the righteous.

Quick reference

Abbot Raphael (in the world Shishkov, Pavel) was born in Moscow on January 20, 1931. He was baptized in infancy in the Church of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God in the village of Alekseevskoe. From 1939 to 1949 he studied at the school for working youth. After school he trained as projectionist on the Arbat and worked on a specialty in the cinema, “Drive”.

In 1951-1954 he served in the Armed Forces to train troops. Was discharged in 1954 with the rank corporal.

Spiritual education received in Moscow theological Seminary in 1955-1959

November 14, 1965 by Bishop Pitirim (Nechaev) was ordained to the diaconate, and on July 23, 1966, the Metropolitan of Krutitsa and Kolomna Pimen – to the dignity of presbyter.

In 1966, appointed rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Monino. Along with the service since 1964, worked in the editorial of the “journal of Moscow Patriarchate”, carrying obedience Secretary of the Chairman of the Publishing Department of the Moscow Patriarchate.

In November 1983, with the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Pimen Archpriest Paul became St. Daniel’s monastery. In 1984, he was tonsured a rassophore monk with the name Alexis in honor of St. Alexis the man of God, in 1985 – in robe under cover of St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow.

In 1986 by hieromonk Alexy was elevated to the rank of hegumen, and in 1990 was awarded the cross with decorations.

3 April 2001, he was tonsured into the schema.

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