Barbara Bush was the mother of one American President and wife of another. Last week, she died at the age of 92 years.
Barbara and George Bush were married 72 years. And Mrs. Bush always put family first.

Barbara Bush, the “grandmother of America”, the matriarch of the political dynasty of the Bush family and the second first lady in history who was both wife and mother of U.S. presidents. Straightforward woman, well known for its pearl necklace, wit and a reckless love of family. “Silver Fox”, as they called her husband.

“I think I had the luckiest life in the world. And the fact that my life partner was a man like George Bush, made it even better,” said Barbara Bush.

In this interview, 1992, from Terry Musen Bush explained that it was especially important in her family: “my whole family was sitting at the table three times a day. I think many people are very far from that.”

Born as Barbara pierce 8 June 1925, she grew up in the suburbs of new York. She was 16 when she met her future husband at a dance.
The couple had six children, and together they survived the death of daughter Robin, who have lost the battle to leukemia when she was only three years.

“Of course, I have a big faith in God, the same as George Bush. It really helps”, said Barbara.

More than ten years Bush has been in Washington — first as the second lady, while Reagan occupied the White house, and then moved to him and herself.
As first lady, she focused on combating illiteracy among parents and children, believing that literacy can solve many problems of society. In a note to his Alma mater, Smith College, shortly before his death, Bush wrote: “I’m still old and still in love.”
She was a popular first lady, and many praised her for what in the end she made a choice in favor of palliative care to spend last days with family.

In his interview with “the 700 Club” she advised young couples to make family a top priority.

“So good to pray together. So good to talk to your children that you love them. I admit, I grew up in a family where we didn’t say that to each other. We were pretty strict but now I have no doubt that the need to tell people “I love you,” she said.


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