Died writer and Church historian Nikolay Lisovoy

Nikolai Lisovoy (23.10.1946–07.01.2019).

The famous scientist died after a long illness at the age of 72 years on the night of January 7, 2019.

On the death of Nikolay Lisovoy, one of the authors of “Orthodox encyclopedia” and years of authoritative head of the scientific activities of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, reported on his page in Facebook first Secretary of the Union of writers of Russia Gennady Ivanov.

“On Christmas night on 73-m to year of life has died the writer and scientist Nikolai Lisovoy. Poet, philosopher and Church historian, author of many television movies, the Deputy Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine society, a member of the Union of writers of Russia, one of the authors of “Orthodox encyclopedia” of”, – wrote Ivanov and said that the funeral service will be held on 10 January at 11:00 in the assumption Cathedral of the Novodevichy convent in Moscow.

Ivanov noted that Nikolay Lisovoy be remembered by many as the author and presenter of various television projects, including “wonderful Easter television reports from Jerusalem” and “the Orthodox calendar”, which went daily on the TV in the second half of the 90s.

Nikolai Lisovoy was born in Ivano-Frankivsk in the officer’s family. Since 1995 was a senior, leading researcher of the Institute of Russian history, in recent years, the main researcher of the Center for the history of religion and the Church.

In 2007, the Institute of world history Russian Academy of Sciences has defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of historical Sciences on the theme “the Russian spiritual and political presence in the Holy Land and the middle East in the XIX – early XX century.”

Awarded by the Russian Orthodox Church orders of St. Vladimir III degree, Saint Daniel of III degree and Makariev prize.

Poetry Lisovoy noted literary awards, his book Heimskringla were repeatedly reprinted.

“The theme of the Nativity, the General theme of your birthday with you and friends was one of the favorite themes of Nicholas. And so on Christmas night the Lord called him to himself”, – said Gennady Ivanov.

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