Diet in Saratov: “makaroshki” for the MP, and diabetic horses

The Saratov Deputy Nikolai Bondarenko intends to reside in 3,5 thousand roubles a month. What a Communist gets for such a tough diet? Because argued with the Minister of labour of the region, which is impossible. The Minister did not agree, she promised to make for Bondarenko menu with the purchase of seasonal vegetables, “buttermilk”, “makaroshek”, which are the same everywhere, and, of course, given the promotions and discounts.

  • “Why would the government not live on our living wage?”
  • Officials propose to lower the cost of living
  • Pensions – why then it will be even worse
  • How many bands must be a diabetic and what’s foreign agents

It may be good that Natalia Sokolova with her “macroscale” and “status which does not allow” to get involved in such questionable experiments, became the loudest infopovod in the Saratov region. While everyone is discussing how diet can invent to 3.5 thousand rubles per month, from memory erased hungry horses, a single mother, got a criminal case for the fact that mopping the floors in a pizzeria for scraps from the table, and Olga Bogaeva – 28-year-old girl who died from complications of diabetes.

The Deputy of the diet

The story of parliamentary diet (Nikolay Bondarenko, by the way, according to the Declaration of income, annual income does not exceed 60 thousand rubles) began after the completion of the bill to raise the regional minimum subsistence level for pensioners.

7176 roubles – such sum the idle pensioner will be enough to reach the month, I guess the Saratov officials in Saratov on the basis of the same statistics. In September the minimum set of products has cost the inhabitants of the region in 3162 rubles 72 kopecks. That is, a Communist, take on a dare to eat on 3,5 thousand, still too many. In the remaining 338 rubles can be freely fit a half chicken – a great app to Makarska, kefir and seasonal vegetables for the stock.

Natalia Sokolova even menus offered for Bondarenko to make. Her experience cutting the family budget, apparently, does not hold. According to her income Declaration, she earns less than minimum wage. Only 6290 rubles. A day.

Natalia Sokolova. Nikolay Bondarenko

Surprisingly, the sanctions have followed immediately – Natalia resigned as Minister the next day. Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev said in anger that Sokolov lost his job “the dismissive attitude to the topics of vital importance to the people.” However, it later emerged that the chief was not to spoil his former subordinate service record – just signed her statement “on their own”.

Diabetics on a diet

A few days before Sokolova his Ministerial post left Vladimir Shulakov, he was responsible for the Saratov public health. The reason became clear the next day, the regional Prosecutor’s office reported that in Saratov initiated a criminal case under article 238 of the criminal code “rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life or health of consumers”. That the test was performed according to the complaint, 28-year-old Saratovsky with a diagnosis of “diabetes”. That girl died, later told local media.

Olga Bogaeva – that was her name – died because her pharmacy at a reduced recipes were not given the necessary when complications drug “epoetin” and iron tablets. At their own expense to buy them she could not – expensive. The test showed that the auction for the purchase of “epoetin” the regional Ministry of health announced in may 2018, and he failed. The next auction was in June. And in August was awarded a contract for the supply of drugs.

Olga Bogaeva

Six months – from January to August, the girl lived without drugs. In August, she passed the point of no return, and on September 14 he died.

The prosecutors found that doctors drug is not prescribed, unwritten policy of the Ministry of health. Although, then, in an interview with channel one said the Deputy Minister Marina Berseneva, “epoetin” at the Saratov warehouses were. And was even in pharmacy item of the ill-fated 20-th polyclinic, where he observed Olga.

Of course, the regional Ministry of health, immediately replaced the Minister has reported that procurement is all right. That money they gave 5% more than a year ago. And that Olga Bogaeva were provided.

Actually Saratov diabetics since the new year was put on an insulin diet. And if suffering from the first type of diabetes, yet not much hurt, “sterotypical” having a hard time. Or, conversely, too sweet – because of insulin for these pharmacies not. And without insulin, increases blood sugar, destroying small vessels, eyes and kidneys. The last five years Saratov “sterotypic” receive insulin according to the principle “take what is”, and from the beginning of 2018, the year is that not give any.

Turn in Saratov polyclinic №20

Many in the region suspect that the regional health Ministry somehow had a hand with the story “diabetics-registered as foreign agents” – in June, the Saratov regional public organization of disabled people with diabetes, the court recognized a “foreign agent”, is actually destroying her. Political activities of the experts and the judge saw the letters of the society to the Governor and the Minister about the lack of medicines. That is, they defended Olga like Olga. But now the organization no, and Oli is not. As reported by Julia fame, whose mother suffers from type II diabetes, “it is terrible to sit in a queue with the elderly, which is hysterical. Because they understand that if they will not give insulin, they will die.” And stand up for them no one.

Horses on a diet

About the police horses that die in Saratov stables, even wrote Ilya Varlamov. They die from that too, sit on a forced diet. But eat, as it turned edition “Storm”, just nine rubles a day. If serve. If you do not serve, then eight.

Per month for one horse – on the basis of the state contract for the provision of services for the care of the horses spent the maximum of 279 rubles. Horses are cheaper for pensioners.

The first to fall to a police horse Tornado. Prior to this, the volunteers sounded the alarm and tried to take horses from the police to leave. But the cancellation of the animals standing on the balance of the police – the whole story. After the death Tornado method to attach the sick animals were found. And handed them over to the veterinary clinic of the Saratov agrarian University. However, the horse, the Vow, in the spring of prancing on the gala, fell in the beginning of October. Clinic just are unable to save him.

However, the Saratov police claimed that horses die from old age, not because they are underfed. And we ought to undernourished – according to the formula of Natalia Sokolova it helps to stay young and beautiful.

A felony for scraps

Olga Zhuravleva was helping a friend – mopping the floors in the sales area of the pizzeria. It was in February in Ivanteevka Saratov region. A couple of weeks ago this story was discussed by all country.

Olga is a single mother. She has two daughters, the older with epilepsy. But disability Yana has not decorated. Olga pizza was waiting for Ian from school – was afraid to leave her alone for a long time. Suggested the barmaids to help with the cleaning. In gratitude for the help the girls gave her scraps from the table for domestic animals. And at the end of the month, chipped in money and donated three thousand roubles for medicine for his daughter.

Olga Zhuravleva

This was out of district police Department – in these months, Olga received the unemployment benefit – 4900 roubles.

Felt that a single mother worked a month and a half of the pizza, then robbed the state, for seven thousand rubles. Opened a criminal case. Tried. The court issued a guilty verdict. Policeman Sergey Zababurin received a check from the authorities on solving the case of fraud.

Olga, which in Ivanteevka all know, is afraid that it is now even to wash pots call – with conviction-of criminal charges. She works refuses to the house to clean up, to whom the garden for the winter to prepare, someone with a small repair to help – Jack of all trades, the price does not appoint. Give money well. Products thank – refuses. Things gives all take.

Ivanteyevka, house of Olga Zhuravleva

Two girls to raise on 1600 roubles “children” and 4900 benefits is not easy. In the summer she worked as a foreman in a brick factory – there is a good salary – 11200 rubles! And winter, when the brick are not buying salary in the factory is not paid, she waits on the exchange.

And here the policeman has earned a tick in a private matter, have caught the swindler. And Zhuravleva thinking – what is she now diet to get to their children to feed what the good people will help. Again she works unofficially, to wash the floors. Just 3.5 thousand rubles received. Food “Sokolova” enough.

Anna Mukhin, the correspondent of news Agency “Free news”

Especially for “Orthodoxy and the world”

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