Discipline in prayer: 5 principles of successful prayer

Prayer is Central to the life of the believer. Without it Christianity ceases to be alive. If the image of the problems in the sphere of relationship with God, sooner or later we stop. Spiritual health must be maintained as well as physical. However to maintain consistency in this matter is not always easy. There are 5 principles that will help you to achieve discipline in prayer and always be “in touch” with God.

God himself in the Word tells us about the importance of prayer. The truth is that it is not only His desire but also a necessity for us. Man was originally created for God’s presence. Moreover, it is spending time with God, the people got the power. In John it is written: “without Me ye can do nothing.” Therefore, from the prayer we receive everything pertaining to life and directly dependent on God. If we don’t fill ourselves with the right things, then in their place come the wrong. Realizing the importance of prayer, I want to achieve permanence.

The first thing to highlight for the formation of prayer way of life – purpose. The main focus in prayer is not ourselves, but God. Make time to talk with God about It, thus you will know Him. In the process It will open you new about It. It is on the contemplation of the Creator, all rests. Of course about yourself, you also pray, open your heart, share your experiences. Let God be your friend in the first place.

Following the principle of – define a specific time for prayer. If you do not do this in advance, you risk not to pray, thereby creating gaps in your consistency.

Think also about the place. Let your house be a kind of a prayer cell, where you can be alone with God. Many people for prayers choose completely different places. Due to the fact that there was a spare room, someone was praying under my pillow, someone on the windowsill. The main thing – desire.

At least. Let it be the minimum time of your prayer. Even if you are unable to pray the full, at least will help to maintain consistency. Even if it’s 10 minutes. Water wears away the stone. Of course, we can pray more this time, but it will help your discipline.

Accountability. Locate the person you’ll report conducted a prayer time. If this is not done, then sooner or later you will give up. Man is so constituted. When you know that you need to be accountable to someone and that you will be asked at the end of the day about it, a chance not to pray is reduced significantly.

Of course, the time of communication with God is different for each person. In the process you have formed a habit. You will understand that if not organized during the day, prayer time, and it is not filled. Man was created for God’s presence. It is possible to tell, this is the habitat in which it flourishes.

Anna Sutorina, especially for GOD.NEWS

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