Discovered on mount Athos a manuscript about the Ukrainian hetmans of the seventeenth century

The pages of the book of names, where recorded kind of hetmans Ivan samoylovych and Ivan Mazepa

The book of names of Ukrainian Cossack XVII century testifies to the generous donations of Hetman in the monasteries of mount Athos.

An ancient manuscript found in the Holy Mount, are planning on releasing. Wrote about this on his page on Facebook Director of the International Institute of the Athonite heritage Sergey Shumilo.

“In the manuscript written sort of Cossack churchwarden, in particular Hetman Ivan samoylovych, Ivan Mazepa, Pavlo Polubotok, Danylo Apostol, a famous Cossack Colonel semen Paliy, Yakov Lizogub, Vasily Kochubey, and many others. The most interesting that at the name of each representative of the Cossack recorded complete lists of their birth, so that this manuscript becomes a valuable source and on the genealogy of the Ukrainian Cossack”, – explained the researcher.

According to him, the book of names is planned to be rewritten to make this valuable resource available for local researchers.

Earlier, in early June, the scientists and the priests spoke about the influence of mount Athos on the culture of Kievan Rus. Director of the International Institute of the Athonite heritage Sergey Shumilo in his speech highlighted the history of ancient Athonite monasteries “Ksilurgu” and “Old Rusik”, their relationship with Kievan Rus and its influence on the development of ancient monasticism and the Kiev-Pechersk monastery.

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