Do not expect that Athos condemn the actions Fanara, Director of the Foundation

The Executive Director of the Foundation “the Orthodox heritage of Ukraine at the Holy Mount Athos” Andrew Whisker with Mesogaster and Lavreotiki, Metropolitan Nicholas

The Holy Mountain is under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and therefore would not oppose Patriarch Bartholomew, I’m sure Andrew Whisker

The official view of mount Athos expresses the Sacred Kinot, and he’s not going to break up with Fanara, said Facebook Executive Director of the Foundation “Ukraine the Orthodox spadoc on Holy Athos Hori” Andrew Whisker.

He mentioned that according to article 106 of the Constitution of the Hellenic Republic, which was adopted in 1975, the Holy Mountain is under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

According to UCA, among Afonichev there are proponents and opponents of the policies of Patriarch Bartholomew. The monastery of Esphigmenou in the 90-ies of the left Holy Kinot in protest against Fanara. Monks of other monasteries of mount Athos and the famous mount Athos mount Athos zealots of the Desert do not approve of the behavior of Constantinople.

However, the Director is confident: “even if the actions of the Patriarch apontam don’t like to break the law they will not be”. It is advised not to expect from the monks of mount Athos monasteries is nothing more than a call for unity of the Orthodox Churches. And recalled that after the occupation of Greece, Avonite, for the sake of their shrines and monasteries, appealed directly to Hitler.

The us urged “not to drag” the inhabitants of Athos in the conflict Fanara and the Russian Orthodox Church, which “has no direct relationship” to apontam.

Masagaki and Lavreotiki, Metropolitan Nikolai (Hadjinikolaou) spoke against the actions of the fighters for autocephaly for Ukraine. He stressed that the lust for power is not compatible with the ethics of the sermon on the mount. The monks of the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon on Mount Athos to pray for the unity of all Orthodox Churches.

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