Domestic violence usually starts with small things: raised her voice, swung, pushed

Priest Dionisy horova confessed to killing his wife. Psychologist Ekaterina Burmistrova tells how to start a domestic violence and how to prevent the tragedy.

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Now, to discuss details I do not want. Grief, tragedy. The happiness that is grandma and grandpa. Let’s think about ourselves and about those around.

But here is my 5 cents, which is not about history, but about domestic violence. And perhaps this situation, it will not fit, because there is still an acute psychosis, which may begin suddenly and make a person really insane.

The situation with domestic violence rarely reaches that. Usually starts with small things. Seemingly small things.

Raised her voice (well, not always, not usually screaming). Threatened (but not hit the same – he’s a good man). Slapping or pushing, or something like a light (but it doesn’t hit, so, but in fact we live well).

Then violence becomes periodic, but the woman often doesn’t qualify, does not recognize it as violence. Think of yourself as the victim of domestic violence is much harder than not to think about those episodes of aggression, which a woman faces, as on violence and aggression.

So, my dear.

In any – the first!- episode of physical aggression towards you on the part of the husband (or partner) need to realize that you as a couple, are faced with domestic violence. And the road to the edge can be very short.

Often on the reception of women come to me, very successful by all external indicators. Slim, smart, anxious or vigorous and effective fighting.

We talk about life, about what they came and it turns out that the episodes of violence happen with some regularity, but the woman for yourself is not violence calls. And only when speaking, in deriving the word is that it looks like it is on violence, or to describe the situation is impossible.

And it becomes a moment of truth: it is about me! But no, I don’t want to live in a situation of violence!

It is the effect of pronunciation and bringing in the words…

If the psychologist is not going – tell us about what you’re going to someone you trust. Listen to yourself. And no “beats – means loves”. Domestic violence can be dealt with in most cases, and it should be done as quickly as possible.

Source – Facebook Catherine Burmistrova

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