Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN discussed issues of religious freedom

The President of the United States Donald trump and Sivakasi leader Kim Jong-UN met at a historic summit that should put an end to the nuclear threat of North Korea. Though some say that in the contract few specifics, most experts agree that this is a good first step: not only to nuclear disarmament of North Korea, but also to the easing of the persecution of Christians.

The President of the United States trump happy wish of North Korea to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons. But, as admitted by both leaders, this will require more meetings. The President’s critics Express alarm.

“We see the document with no specifics. It can be called a reason for hope, but not confidence,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal.

“I read the statement, and it was hard for me to understand, and have reached agreement in something or not,” says Senator Bob Corker.

The trump decision on termination of military exercises on the Korean Peninsula was a surprise to many.

“In the current circumstances, when we engage in serious negotiations and achieved some things I find inappropriate to hold military exercises,” said Donald trump.

“The message now is: let’s find a peaceful solution. I am not against the suspension of military exercises. This will give us room for maneuver,” says Senator Lindsey Graham.

Advocates of religious freedom believe the summit is a step in the right direction. The President said that he spoke with Kim Jong-UN about the Christians of North Korea, quote, “very seriously.”

“I am encouraged that trump has raised this issue,” said David Curry of “Open doors” (USA).

Franklin Graham (“Samaritan’s purse”) for many decades has sent humanitarian aid to North Korea. He said he expects to some extent reduce the persecution.

“There is no doubt. I think meeting Kim Jong UN to President trump was a serious event that will benefit Christians of North Korea,” he says.

Footage of the summit has surprised much of the world. The two leaders stand side by side, despite the enmity between the two countries. Some Democrats called it a mistake.

“This is a major victory for Kim Jong UN and North Korea. He achieved what had not reached his father and grandfather — world meetings on an equal footing,” said Senator Chris coons.

But even Democrat pollster Pat Caddell says that these amazing images raise the President’s rating, which is so important for the midterm elections.

“It can’t hurt Trump. I believe that Americans want solutions to this issue. It is a question of the world, which is important for everyone,” he says.

Trump is going to seize the moment. After returning home, he tweeted: “Now everyone can feel safer than when I became President.”

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