Donald trump held a dinner party with Evangelical leaders

Donald trump held a dinner with Evangelical leaders in the White house. The theme of the event was the celebration of American faith and freedom, and discussion of future work in the religious sphere.

Among the guests were such Christian leaders, Franklin Graham and pastor Paul white, reports MHN.

“In recent years, the government tried to undermine religious freedom, but the attacks on Christian communities in the past. We put an end to them”, — told the trump.

“We brought home the hostages from North Korea. Among them was the American pastor. We continue to fight for the release of pastor Brunson in Turkey, and has made progress in this business”, — said the President of the United States.

Christians helped Trump to win the election in 2016. So he decided to assess their contribution to American society and to encourage them to protect their rights to work and further.

“You have given me incredible support, but I don’t feel ungrateful because you said the same,” said trump.

The Christian leaders emphasized that it was time not only to say “thank you”, but to remind you that the work is not finished.

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