In the United States Donald trump is working hard to win among Christian voters, this week he met with hundreds of Evangelical leaders. It was a very important meeting. And by the way, he needs this decisive block of votes to have a realistic chance of winning the presidential election.

The times square is always Packed with people and bustle, but just a few blocks away at the “MARRIOTT Brand” seething with activity of a different kind: there will be a meeting of Donald trump with Evangelical leaders. This is a closed event, but reporters CBN was allowed to be there.
Trump spoke with the pastors of mega-churches and the traditional communities about the protection of freedom of religion, including his intention to lift restrictions on political support from the believers, which broadcast from the stands of moderate politicians. Trump said that this cancellation can be considered as (quote): “My biggest contribution to Christianity.” Here 900 Evangelical leaders very few before the meeting was set against trump. After the meeting, however, some opinions have changed.

“The ball moved a little forward, and I appreciated the willingness of Mr. trump’s support of the Evangelical community, says Matt Barber, the founder After what I heard today, I will prayerfully consider this as one of the possible alternatives.”

Another alternative is Hillary Clinton. Trump has made it clear that if he wins the candidates for the Supreme court will be a matter of pride, in contrast to what she has to offer. Trump also talked about what evangelicals should unite, as their rights and values are under threat. Pleased with some of the participants and the fact that trump this time made no serious mistakes and did not give reason for doubt.

“A few hours of the meeting, his answers never disappointed and saddened me,” says Gary Bauer,

A senior adviser to trump Sarah Huckabee also attended the meeting and took time to chat with reporters.

“He did what most of the candidates from the Republicans in the past refused to do, namely, come here with the intention to hear the questions Christians and really interact with them very seriously”, – said the adviser.

Because some evangelicals are Trump still cautious, daring outsider it will take more than one encounter. But now, it seems, it worked.

“Concerning evangelicals vote for the candidacy of Donald trump, today’s meeting could be a turning point,” – says Sammy Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian leadership conference.

The leader of the movement “For the family” Sammy Rodriguez says he knows many of the pastors who were skeptical before the meeting, but then something changed: “I Heard his commitment, his very clearly defined goals commitment to freedom of religion and public life – especially in relation to the Supreme court, I think you saw the same shepherds coming with the words: “This is what I needed to hear,” she commented.

That’s what campaign trump needed to hear after a tumultuous weeks in the spotlight. It is important for them to progress to the evangelicals went beyond words and began to actively campaign for the trump among his parishioners.

At least 25 Evangelical leaders, agreed to be part of a Consultative religious Council of trump. Who is listed and who is not, can be found on the website

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