Dormition fast: go from the outside

August is the time when you want to catch the remnants of the short summer break. And on August the Dormition fast falls. As to experience it truly, do not miss the main thing? Responsible Archpriest Theodore Borodin.

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Archpriest Theodore Borodin

The person who tries to live an intense spiritual life, feels a very great need in the post. That is why the people we are called ascetics, anyway, came to post. To restore order in his soul, long fasting, is impossible.

If you remember their state after the end of lent, two weeks after Easter, we will see that there was a desire to revisit that time, when the voltage in the spiritual life gave a internal result. Over time, this desire goes away, but the mind remembers how significant the strain.

And therefore, what comes post — that’s fine. I think if we take the trouble, then its end be sure to get some fruit.

The assumption of the post there is a difference: he is more than other posts devoted to the understanding of the mystery of the feat of the blessed virgin.

On the other hand, it is very short, shorter than all the other posts (with rare exception when this happens the fast of the apostles). And this time, you can set a particular task and try with the help of God and Mother of God to solve it. For example, don’t be annoyed, or not to judge, or to serve their home to be a joy, not so they tolerate you because I have nowhere to go.

Very good this post every day to read the akathist to the Mother of God. To mind and heart to approach Her. The akathist is not just some praise to whom it is dedicated, and especially if it is written in a prayer book, the opening of the Saint’s deeds and the attainment of his earthly spiritual path.

I, as a priest of his Church, for many years weekly to read the akathist to the saints Cosmas and Damian, and from year to year discover a new, deep thoughts in the words of the akathist.

Amazingly beautiful akathist to the most Holy Theotokos begins with the words “thee the champion leader victorious…” There are these words: “Rejoice, chalice, deriving joy.” “Hail, God to mortal grace: rejoice, mortals to God confidence”. Amazing words! This akathist — the pearl of our theology.

And if we these days take it a practice to read this akathist, our soul can feel the closeness of the Mother of God, and we will become clearer the original post.

— If the person is on vacation, the resort, for example, where a post in the food difficult to comply with?

— But the akathist can be read anywhere! What prevents a person at the hotel to go in the room and read?

Yes, we the people of the North, and all Charter, which was created in Jerusalem, Palestine, mount Athos or Constantinople monasteries, it is difficult to us applicable. This is a serious issue that requires the Church discussion.

In Greece hand out the window stuck, a stick in the ground stuck, two months later, the same hand can remove the fruits. We have the same summer is short, and we tend to “reserve” them for the long cold months.

I think everything about the fast food is a separate issue. And here is the man himself need to be addressed. And if you rest where you are not able yourself to prepare or select lean meals, you need to take into account power prayer work.

— The purpose of fasting to sanctify apples and honey — how to avoid this?

— If a person begins to delve into the prayer activity, absolutely by itself all the external moves to the periphery.

After all, apples — it is external. You strictly do not eat them before the Transfiguration and the limited. I remember a funny episode from my high school youth. I was novoselchanin man, however, heard of the Transformation need to eat apples. One day my friends were riding our bikes at night through the suburbs. One of us remembered that today is Transformation, it is necessary to eat apples.

We got into someone else’s garden, and stole apples and with feeling of the executable debt sat and ate them. And we never came that we broke the commandment and in General — instead of having to climb into other people’s gardens, it would be necessary to go to the temple…

As for the consecration of apples… it is Necessary to read the prayer. What is the blessing of the harvest? This is when the farmer is harvest, he realizes that it is a gift of God, small and the best part he sacrifices in the temple. This symbolic token of gratitude — a man returns to God what He gave him. As a thank you.

That is, it was not what we had come to the temple with apples, to have them consecrated, and then at home we will have these apples and through it be sanctified themselves. This is not so. Therefore, if the harvest of apples before, it makes sense to read this prayer before. Or later. If it’s not about the apples, and other fruit — read in a time when freak these fruits.

We have some reason for apples has shifted cinnabar liturgical instructions, which relate in the Greek Charter of the grapes. Grapes, indeed, it is impossible to eat in advance, and the monk, who will do it, expect penance.

We have this moved to the apples and turned out to not quite understand the situation. If the apples had been grown, which allow them to rot? I believe that this is not the correct situation.

— Was there ever a Dormition fast, which is remembered for a long time?

For me it is memorable in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra will celebrate the Dormition of the Mother of God, night service, night-time procession around the Dormition Cathedral.

Incredible celestial beauty of the Liturgy. The sense of touch to Heaven, where dwells the mother of God. This is one of the brightest of my spiritual experiences, like a second Easter. It is no coincidence that the assumption of the resurrection of the Mother of God.

Interviewed By Oksana Golovko

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