Drifting in the ocean 49 days Indonesian helped Bible reading and prayer

For 49 days the raft drifted thousands of miles

19-year-old Indonesian Aldi novel ‘ Adilang 49 days drifted in the Pacific ocean. He said: endure the test helped him Bible reading and prayer.

In the open ocean on a small raft, the young man was taken in mid-July, about 80 miles off the coast of Indonesia, where he worked on a floating fishing trap, according to “Christian Headlines”.

For 49 days the raft drifted thousands of miles in the direction of the island of GUAM. To change the direction of drift, the young man could not, because he had no oars, no sails, no motor. Supplies of food had ended after a few days of sailing, but because he had to eat fish fried on chips, and drinking sea water, which he was desalinated using own folded clothes.

“Aldi said that, was scared and depressed, and often cried in the first days of the drift. Sometimes he saw a large court, and each time he felt hope for salvation. For all the drift he saw 10 ships, but they are passed – either not noticing his distress, or not wishing to spend the precious time and fuel for his sake,” – said the Indonesian consular officer in Osaka (Japan) Fajar Firdaus.

It is noted that, in the end, the young man has been in such a depressed state that she began to think about suicide. However, the intention to jump into the ocean and drowned, according to his confession, he kept remembering the advice of parents to pray to God in times of difficulty.

Fortunately, things Aldi of Adelange found a Bible, a gift from my parents, which he began to read. In addition, the young man began to pray he had the strength to overcome despair.

31 Aug raft noticed the container ship “Arpeggio” and hurried to help. Due to big waves and strong wind, the ship only with the fourth attempt managed to get close to drifting, and to save him.

The crew gave the guy the consular service of Indonesia in Osaka Japanese, a week after the rescue, September 6. Two days later he was flown back to his hometown of Manado. As said Indonesian Consul in Osaka Mirza Nurhidayat, Aldi Adilang healthy and feeling good.

As reported by the SPM, earlier in the film company 20th Century Fox announced that filming based on the book by Joyce Smith “the Impossible” (The Impossible), which tells the story of the power of prayer.


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