Due to infection in the prosthesis Eugene almost lost his leg

Zhenya bone cancer, he endured 17 rounds of chemotherapy and surgery to remove a bone in his left leg. After the surgery he was informed of the endoprosthesis. In 2016, the implant became infected, and now it needs to change. But the tests, CT scans and x-rays for a foreigner from Donetsk paid. Zhenya’s mom live together, and money on expensive surveys they have.

Yevgeny Ilyin. Photo: Alexander Gubin

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  • Mom and dad are in heaven, and the daughter needs heart surgery
  • “About 15 minutes the son said, and then it was gone, and was involved in a year”
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After a summer of waiting for the school but the school never came

Eugene became ill in 2012. He then went to kindergarten and to school he had the spring and summer. They believed with the teacher, and Jack remembered: April, may, then summer, then school. He was waiting for school, so I remember. But the fact that year never came.

One day the teacher noticed that Jack was limping, and mom’s home saw his Wife painful to tread on the foot. Started. The whole of April and my mom was in the hospital in Donetsk, where Zhenya had found a tumor in his left leg and was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma of the lower third of the left thigh. Simply put, cancer.

May – Eugene was sent to the Department of Oncology of the National cancer Institute in Kiev, where the diagnosis was specified with osteosarcoma. That is, sarcoma, malignant cells which originate from bone tissue.

Summer, 3 long months of summer, 17 chemotherapy treatments at the hospital in Kyiv.

September, October, and instead of school – operation. Doctors removed a bone from hip to heel and put encounternotes.

So here is Zhenya’s life that year. Zhenia’s mother, Christine, says her boy is a hero and endured all bravely, but Jack is silent – about that time he remembers only that in his life something went wrong, very, very wrong. Not so, as they believed with kindergarten: spring, summer, school…

The leg grew, and the implant fell out of the thigh

A year and a half Jack was in remission. And several times during this time, he had been “lengthened” in Kiev – Eugene grew, and then grew up and his leg. The prosthesis in his leg also had to be lengthened. And so they had to go to Kiev once again, but suddenly the war began.

Donetsk became a military town, and the doctor told Christine that now to go to Kiev, they Zhenya is useless, because Kiev no longer funds help residents of Donetsk.

– And whom do we now need? What do we do? – asked the doctor Christine.

And she replied:

– Achieve quotas in Moscow.

Christina has achieved a quota and a half years, because the war on good cheer will disappear. For a year and a half leg Zhenya, of course, increased. And the implant, which no one has extended fallen out of the wife’s thigh. When, finally, they came to the Morozovskaya hospital, it was found that an endoprosthesis will have to put again.

Due to the infection Jack almost lost his leg

Had surgery, the prosthesis was replaced, and Jack’s mom went home to the war. And in March of this year, Zhenya’s temperature suddenly rose, and fell terribly ill leg, intolerable. Christina was frightened, thought that the relapse, and it turned out that it was an infection in the bed of the endoprosthesis. When that happens, the infection enters the artificial implant, and a leg can be lost at all.

My wife was lucky in the Cancer center. Blokhin infection, which ate alive tissue the wife’s legs is destroyed, the foot “cleaned out” and put a spacer with antibiotic.

“Simply put, – says Christina, at the foot of Zhenya now is an iron rod, plastered with cement. So we go around the leg “on tiptoe”. If you fall on the cement, the leg does not save.”

Now, before ordering a new implant, the third in the life of Zhenya, you need to do a CT scan of the legs and an x-ray “ruler”. But Zhenya was released from the hospital, which means that all the tests now for it. While Zhenya was in the hospital, Christina worked in Moscow, where he could. Were and cook, and wash. They barely had enough to live on, save up for the treatment was simply impossible.

Let’s help his Wife to finish treatment. Undergo the necessary tests to Zhenya the result was a leg and a new implant. And let him finally start a normal life – spring, summer, school. Each year a normal life.

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