Last week ended Islamic Holy month of Ramadan. Hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world 30 days of fasting and prayer. During Ramadan, many Christians pray for the salvation of Muslims, and the social media team CBN News has conducted an unprecedented campaign. It brought together ten ministries to lead the audience in prayer for the Muslim world during the last ten days of Ramadan.

These prayers, which were broadcast live on Facebook, reach more than seven million people, they looked at over half a million users, and they undoubtedly had a great influence.

Media Manager CBN News Aisha Bascom’ll tell about striking evidence that occurred in that time. The ministries that cooperated with CBN News during this action, there are amazing stories of Muslims who came to Christ.

“I’ll start with Isik Alba — says Aisha Bascom. — She is phenomenal and televangelist preaches Muslim women around the world, but primarily in the Middle East. She talked about how a radical Muslim and being in the mosque with the Imam chanted curses against Christians and Jews, saying “that’s what we want to do with the “Great Devil” they call America. And everyone agreed: they would do so because they had a lot of hatred. And after Isik walked home, where her husband beat her, spat on her and one day she thought: “this is Islam? Hatred… Hatred in my house, hate when I’m with my brothers and sisters in the faith?” In the end, Isik felt that this was too much and she decided to commit suicide.
At work she went to the toilet and said to God: “I’m going to kill myself. It too, and I can’t live.” When she emerged from the bathroom, she was approached by her boss is a Christian and said, “My God just told me that you’re going to do today, but you have hope.” So Isik came to Christ.”

For this purpose, and this work was for ten days. What impact, in your opinion, had a prayer initiative for the future?

“Honestly, I don’t think this side of heaven we will know what the real impact — meets alisha Bass. — We know that it has reached 7 million people and that more than half of them actively watched the prayer and participated in it. Ten ministries from around the world came together. A delightful feature of social media that they were able to unite and lead the believers in intercessory prayer for the salvation of Muslims in the middle East — in Iran, Afghanistan and even here in America.”

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