In Ecuador, the eruption of an active volcano Cotopaxi. While the threat hanging over thousands of people, Christians pray for divine intervention.

Cotopaxi is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. He is part of the Pacific ring of fire and is located only fifty kilometers South of the capital of Ecuador, Quito. For the last 300 years the volcano has erupted more than fifty times. Because of its activity a number of people living under constant threat, and 80% of local churches in the way of possible damage.
Pastor Felipe Quispe and his wife Teresa Bastidas pack musical instruments worship team of their Church. Christian Church “Breath of life” they founded 35 years ago. Now they are forced to evacuate.

“Humanly speaking, it hurts me to leave this place, after we put so much effort into it. Here we collected tithes and offerings, so we have not needed any outside help,” says Teresa Bastidas.

Pastor Felipe Quispe and 300 members of his Church believe that God would keep them safe: “We know that God will deliver us from mortal danger. He will take care of us,” says pastor.

The crew of the CBN examined the area and found evidence of a volcanic eruption left here many years ago. For example, a stone called “Cilento” left here in the 19th century, during the last eruption of Cotopaxi. This huge boulder attracts both locals and foreigners.

Despite the evidence of the last eruption, many residents still refuse to leave their homes.

“I’m not afraid, because there are a lot of canyons where lava will not penetrate,” says local resident Alfonso Bastidas.

In Latacunga, some residents evacuated, but many Christians remained. They started a prayer campaign called “I pray for my city”.

“We urge the Church to Wake up and hold prayers in the province of Cotopaxi, Latacunga and across the country. Residents of other areas in which the eruption is not in danger, we ask you to support us in prayer,” says pastor Isaias Tapia.

Overcoming fear, some Ecuadorians participated in a recent meeting, praying for God’s protection.

Cotopaxi Christians believe that God will work a miracle. They say they will hold rallies and pray through until the volcano will not hibernate.

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