Education in Zaoksky: professional and spiritual

“The entire elegance of the Bay of Naples with its feast of colors I will not give up in the wet willow shrub on the sandy banks of the Oka river”, — said Russian Soviet writer Konstantin Paustovsky, who has lived in Zaoksky edge 15. What is so remarkable area of the Oka?

From the point of view of ecology zaokskiy can be called the most clean area in Tula region, in that it is compared with the best resorts in Switzerland. The Oka river, deciduous forest, Museum-Zapovednik of the Russian painter V. D. Polenov — everything speaks about the unusual value of this region. Center Zaokskogo district is the village of zaokskiy, which, in turn, is famous for Zaokskaya spiritual Academy .

The first Protestant higher education institution in the Soviet Union, Zaokskaya spiritual Academy was once Zaoksky theological Seminary, opened in 1987

The Academy was also created by elementary Christian school, reached today the level of secondary Christian schools. In 2003 the Academy opened zaoksky Christian humanitarian and economic Institute (Euro-Asia division). On relatively small territory there are administrative and academic buildings, library, dormitories, a Shrine, a dining room, auditorium and school. Across the street is a multifunctional complex that is used as a gym, a hall for graduation ceremonies, meetings and other events.

Have zaoksky students living under the motto “Learn. Serve. Guide”, there are plenty of opportunities to develop their potential. There is student newspaper “Prosvet”, radio “by zau-FM”, a variety of Clubs, sports sections. Those whose hearts burn with the desire to serve others and tell them about Christ, visit homes organize missionary outputs, study the Bible with residents of the village, spreading the newspaper “the Hidden Treasure” . “Sola Scriptura” (the daily evening prayer communion with God) and “Kudom” (youth Church) nurture students spiritually and help them to prioritize in their lives.

To the question: “What do you make of zaokskiy?” the student of economic faculty of Susanna Arakelyan says: “first, this is the answer to my prayers and the fulfillment of my dreams. And then, in addition to economic education, I have some spiritual guidance. This is the place where a person becomes a person look differently at themselves and others, where God anew revealed to him. It is a place of endless development in any field”.

In turn, rector of HOU Yu. Drumi says: “Three schools in one — a rare and unique combination of the spiritual, higher and secondary vocational education. With this integration, formed a unique community of believers children and youth who are learning to think as widely as the wide expanses of Central Russia”.

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