Elena: “Hope to meet with her husband who died I’m real”

It was a normal day. Yuri was going to work, Elena saw him in the hallway. They hugged, and Lena, as usual, said to her husband: “With God!” There was neither anxiety nor foreboding. A few hours later, when she was already at work, she called the police and said that it is urgent to come to the construction site where he worked husband. It turned out that he fell from a great height and died.

— What was the first reaction when you found out about the tragedy?

— We with Yura lived together for 27 years. I always had a feeling that he will be forever with me. It was impossible to imagine that something will happen that he will disappear from my life. I experienced a lot of losses. Had to bury my father, then brother. But the loss of her husband this is the biggest tragedy. Dad and brother before his death, long was ill. We were prepared for a tough outcome. For them, death was a deliverance from suffering. Yura died unexpectedly. It’s such a pain that words cannot Express. Remember the words of the song: “those Who lost friends and loved ones, let them laugh at me.” Who have experienced similar losses, those will understand me.

Since her husband’s death, it took 2 years, but I still feel pain when immersed in memories of him. I will never forget it and will not stop loving.

— Many people when in their life there is trouble, lose faith, feel resentment toward God, disappointment, even a riot. Did you have such feelings?

— In relation to God a person always has many questions. I have added another question: why did it happen? But no rebellion in my relationship to God is not in the heart. I know if God allowed it, that is a reason. If a person is a Christian, he must trust God as we trust those close to you. If your close, beloved person, whom you trust, did not as you want it, you say to yourself: so he had a reason. And if you do not believe the person, then there is a riot. I do not understand why God allowed it, but the Bible says that God so loves us, that without His will not one hair falls from our head. He even about each bird care with love, especially about people. In the morning, saying as usual: “Go with God!” — I gave it to the reliable hands of God. If God took it from me, it was His will.

— Have you seen God’s help in this situation?

— When a person has a wound, he is in great pain, but if he assisted it becomes much easier. From the first day of my tragedy I have seen God’s assistance and participation. It was something supernatural. I felt His comfort and support through the people whom He encouraged to help me by His Holy Spirit. Side and family and loved ones, and friends, and work colleagues had such a sympathy, an understanding that it is beyond words. I’m sorry that sometimes people experiencing a loss such as mine, remain without the support of loved ones. But in my case, God comforted me in excess.

In addition, the comforted and the Word of God. In the evening, staying alone, I opened the Bible. At this point I was alone with God. And I came across these lyrics that spoke to my heart. For example, the words of suffering job: “the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord!” (Job 1:21).

I read spiritual books and learned from them a very important truth: the dead person did not return. Therefore it is impossible to dwell on his death. You need to take care of the living. I have two children, an old mother was still alive. And God encouraged me not to go into depression from painful thoughts and memories, and do something real for their loved ones.

I also helped that I did a lot of reading the Bible and knew what God’s Word says about death. The most gloomy thoughts, the counterweight float the promises of God that support you. I often recalled the words of Revelation: “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will not be already; neither crying, nor cry, illnesses any more will not be, for former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4). I believe that this time would come someday. Now that my husband is sleeping peacefully, but one day Jesus will awaken him so he was resurrected and live forever.

— So you have hope for the meeting?

— Yes, this I hope is real. The hope is that, as written in the Word of God, once Jesus Christ comes the second time to resurrect the dead and take all believers in Him people to Himself for eternal life. When I imagine it, I even breathtaking. Oh! What a meeting!

— You were alone. The children were at that time not yet arranged. Have you experienced fear of the future?

— It is impossible to say with confidence that I am a perfect person, I don’t feel any fear, doubt, experiences. Very help God’s promises: don’t think about tomorrow. Naturally, when dies the head of the family, there are many problems, including material. But now the head of my family — Jesus Christ. I hope for Him, and He helps, including sending money when we need it.

— What words would you address to our readers?

— We don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow. And if you seriously think about that situation as I am, sooner or later will be each, because each of us will have to bury someone close to you. I want to warn everyone that you need to appreciate life. When a person leaves, you want to live, I want to talk to him, touch him, and he was gone. People are scared to even think that their husband or wife one day not be there. So it was with me. But if you imagine that one day it will not, then comes the realization, how much we should love, appreciate each other. Use every day to bring joy to your family and trust the God Who loves and cares for us!

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