Christians helped to open many of the most elite American universities, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale. But in our time, these institutions reject their heritage, becoming a secular institution. However, one service fighting for their return to their roots.

In many College campuses does not welcome Christian service. Activists and the administration of the campuses are increasingly attacking the Christian community. Weapons related: charged with failure to observe a policy of non-discrimination.

“Thinking often on these campuses, I am reminded of the Soviet Union. They had several churches, in order to have the appearance of freedom of religion, but behind the scenes they were doing everything possible to suppress it and were actively moving in this direction,” says Matt Bennett, the founder of the “Christian Union.”

He sees the need to strengthen the influence of Christianity in elite universities.

“I think, in many ways, the situation for the last 50 years, looks dramatically. People come to these places, get a secular education and are available. We conducted a study examining the most influential colleges, maybe top 20, and looked at leaders, senior managers in government, business, education and the media, about two-thirds of them studied in these 20 colleges,” continues Matt Bennett.

In 2011, Matt Bennett founded the Christian Union, with the aim to concentrate on the universities that produce leaders on a national scale. This led to the discovery of the ten ministries in the campuses, affecting the entire Ivy League.

“If we want change, we must target these people and serve them. These campuses have rendered us a great service. They collected the most talented, ambitious young people in our country, and our task is just to tell them about Jesus Christ and to train them in the Lord,” says Matt Bennett.

“Christian Union” faced with the opposition of University officials, like other Christian groups in the secular campuses. But Bennett, a more aggressive approach in the fight against discrimination that makes it clear to the University that he will not back down and will not go away.

“When you don’t give up, the universities begin to respect you. They understand that they can not ignore you in similar circumstances,” he says.

Such a pretty radical approach has led to success in University towns, but met resistance from Christians because of the aggressive position. Response Bennett – the example of the Apostle Paul.

“We need to be sure that we are doing. Know wherever came the Apostle Paul during his travels, have always been either a riot or a revival. When you preach the gospel, proclaim it, often it will. You have to be ready for it, that’s fine, and not be afraid. From time to time will arise misunderstanding,” – said the founder of the “Christian Union.”

When Princeton University refused to recognize the “Christian Union,” Bennett went into action, hiring a organization for civil rights.

“They wrote a letter to the President of Princeton, and she replied three days later that you are absolutely right, you have that right. They put forward the legitimate demands and we are thankful for that. For three days they did what was impossible to achieve three years,” says Matt Bennett.

Efforts led to a positive response from students wanting more than just academic success.

“I think that the students in his soul thirsting for God as well as everyone else. So hard to stay true to their values when you hard work achieve what is called success in the eyes of the world. But our hearts are really created, as said Augustine, “for God, and they will not rest until I find peace in It,” says Clay Cromer.

Clay Cromer is the head of the “Christian Union” at Yale University. He says, believe it or not, but the students find the Lord in the Ivy League.

“Often they get here and realize: “Wow, turns out I’m not as cool as in my town or city. Around the same people, like me.” When people come to this understanding, they can become aware of their needs, which can respond to the Lord,” continues clay Cromer.

“Even having achieved admission to the College of my dreams, I wasn’t satisfied, something was wrong. I continued to feel an inner need and understand that it has something to do with God, but I didn’t know what it looks like,” says a student at Yale University Kenneth Cimbali.

During their search for Kenneth received an invitation to study the Bible in Christian Union.

“There, I think I saw someone light. Just watched he talked about how he read the Bible as if he really loved her and believed in her, and it was real. And I knew that he knows something that I don’t know. He had what I never had,” he continues.

Shortly thereafter on the floor of the Dorm room, Kenneth pleaded with the Lord to make him a new creature.

“God met me there, and it seems that wine and all the heaviness was gone, there was joy and peace I had not experienced before, and I knew that in the presence of someone Who more than me,” he says.

Despite a competitive, rigorous and stressful environment of the Ivy League, boys and girls have the freedom that can come only from Christ. Now, with the support and encouragement of groups such as the Christian Union, students can develop their faith and to spread God’s influence throughout the world.

“For a long time a prisoner, my spirit lay, bound by sin and darkness, your eyes radiated the light, I awoke in a dungeon, lit by the light,” recited by Kenneth Cimbali.

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