Emergency workers helped the activists of the PCU to remove the locks in the Cathedral of the UOC in Berestechko

The capture of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the town of Berestechko of Volyn region

When one of the locks failed to break part of the door is the adherents of the new Church structures are simply cut out with a chainsaw.

5 Feb 2019 supporters of the DNC cut the locks on the doors of Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the town of Berestechko, reported the website of the Volyn diocese.

The events were watched by members of the canonical Church, who are legal users of the buildings, and law enforcement officers.

The seizure of the Cathedral began trying to crack the unknown one of the castles with the help of special technical equipment, however the burglar failed to remove the lock.

Then the local commander of the MOE Ivan Pasenuk cut chainsaw part wooden doors.

First after hacking into the Cathedral became the head of the city Council Valentina Zalevskaya.

The head of the press service of the Volyn diocese Archpriest Oleg Toczynski said in Facebook that on illegal entry to the Cathedral was reported by the head of Gorokhovskiy district police, however law enforcement officials did not stop the lawlessness.

Archpriest Oleg said that all constitutional documentation and the right of permanent use of the Holy Trinity Cathedral as a monument of architecture belong to the religious community of the UOC.


The capture of the Holy Trinity Cathedral was preceded by a meeting of the territorial community, which on 14 January 2019 initiated by the local authorities.

After the meeting, the activists of the DNC have repeatedly come to the house of the prior of the community of the canonical Church Archpriest Dmitry Petrushku and demanded that he supported the transition to a new Church structure. The priest denied them.

He more than 20 years restoring and refurbishing the Holy Trinity Cathedral. So when rumors of a possible takeover, in order to prevent Dmitry from 27 January 2019 ceased to conduct services in the Cathedral. In the day of the seizure, a cleric of the UOC is absent in the city, no further action, the rector plans to coordinate with the members who remained in the bosom of the canonical Church.

February 1, 2019 in tel’chi village, manevyts’kyi district, Volyn region the capture of the followers of the DNC Church of Three saints was also attended by law enforcement officers, which recorded the scene but did not make any attempts to stop the seizure of Church.

February 3, 2019, the police was present at the capture of the Holy Transfiguration temple in the village Hnizdychne Zbarazh district, Ternopil region and beating its Abbot.

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