Ended the hundred year restoration of the Bogolyubsky icon of the mother of God


13 October on the TV channel “History” sostoit premiere of the new documentary project “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia”. A unique series dedicated to the restoration of the famous monuments of Russian culture in the Center named after academician Grabar.

The first series of the documentary project tells the story of the salvation of the immortal masterpiece of icon painting of the Bogolyubsky icon of the mother of God of the XII century. Now this is one of the oldest images of the virgin, which has reached our days. According to legend, in 1155, during the transfer of the Vladimir icon from Vyshgorod in Zalesie, Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky in camp tent was the mother of God. She commanded him to put the icon in Vladimir. In place of the wonderful phenomenon of the Prince erected the Church of the Nativity of the virgin Mary and established his residence here – the village of Bogolyubovo. In honor of this event, he ordered to write a new icon depicting his vision. For centuries, the local inhabitants went in procession with this image, what the icon often had to panaflat layer of lacquer. All of these changes negatively with seemed to preserve the image.

In 1918 was revealed the terrible destruction of the icon: the paint layer is partially crumbled, and the exposed wood. Board icons were worm-eaten with woodworm, and were even found living larva. By the standards of the time to save a masterpiece it was impossible. In the Centre behalf Grabar on the icon there were five generations of conservators, and step by step managed to identify the painting of the XII century, which skrivala s under a layer 23 of renovations.

“To some extent we compare zwracamy. And it’s not just as a doctor: do no harm. I think at the moment the restoration more needs to be intelligent. So initially it’s art and historical research,” – said Alexander Gormatiuk, the last restorer of the Bogolyubsky icon of the mother of God in the Centre academician Grabar.

Thanks to the project “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia” spectators of TV channel “History” will be able to see the scale of the done reforms for a hundred years. The Bogolyubovo icon of back from oblivion, and became yet another confirmation of the amazing beauty and wealth of ancient culture of the pre-Mongol period.

See the documentary “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia” on television channel “History” starting October 13, every Saturday at 19:30.


Documentary project “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia” will tell about the restoration of the most famous monuments of Russian culture. The film also shows the history of the restoration workshops, methods and technology of restoration, and the restorers will share the secrets of their craft and about the past memories of the Centre behalf Grabar. Special attention in the film is given the largest museums of Russia, funds which have been saved by the restorers. Including – estate of P. Tchaikovsky in Klin, the Museum “Zaraisky Kremlin”, the Tula arms Museum , the Vladimir Museum-reserve, the new Jerusalem monastery and many others. The project “the Rescued masterpieces of Russia” includes 12 episodes, each covering a specific restoration Studio of the Center named after academician Grabar.

About the channel:

TV channel “History” offers viewers Russian and world history in the best tradition of x documentaries: films and historical reconstructions, cross-program animation projects, documents and memories of contemporaries. A content channel consists of a content of own production and products of the largest studios in the world.

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