EP. Andrew (Vasilashko) made in the monastery his first hierarchal Liturgy

The first hierarchical Liturgy, Bishop Peter and Paul Andrew, vicar of the diocese of Dnipropetrovsk

On the days appointed by the Holy Synod of the UOC Bishop Peter and Paul Andrew, vicar of the diocese of Dnipropetrovsk, held in the monastery his first Liturgy in the rank of Bishop.

The divine Liturgy was celebrated in the refectory Church of the venerable Anthony and Theodosius of the caves of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, December 24, reports the website of the monastery.

Vladyka Andrei was concelebrated by the brethren and guests of the Holy Pechersk monastery in Holy orders.

During the service, was taken up zealously pray for peace in Ukraine and unity of the Orthodox Church.

After the Liturgy, Bishop Andrew sakurasou thanked the brethren for their prayers, congratulated all with the feast day of St Kukshi Odessa and Nikon the Dry, of St George with the adoption of the life-giving Body and blood of Christ and called on all who share in this day with the joy of prayer, God’s blessing.

Brothers said it is symbolic that Lord Andrew his first Liturgy, Bishop made it a day of commemoration of Kukshi Odessa: he was a student of the Odessa theological Seminary and during the study had the opportunity to pray at the Holy relics of the Saint. Himself venerable Kuksha of almost twenty years bore obedience in the walls of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

As reported by the SPM, 17 December the Holy Synod appointed Bishop Peter and Paul, vicar of the diocese of Dnipropetrovsk Archimandrite Andrei (Vasilashko). On 23 December the consecration of the new vicar of the diocese of Dnipropetrovsk headed by his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry. Prior to the adoption of Episcopal dignity Bishop Andrew was a monk of the monastery and had the obedience roznichnogo.


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