Epiphanius said, why ptsu has a Metropolitan and not a Patriarch’s status

the head of the DNC Epiphany

The newly formed structure yet must go through a stage of recognizing the other local Churches, the head of the DNC Epiphany.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine do not have Metropolitan status, which can improve in the future. About it in interview to TV channel “Direct” said the head of the DNC “Metropolitan” Epiphany.

“Of course, the first stage of the formation of our independent Church, we will have Metropolitan status, explained the Epiphany. – It is also how a particular condition through which passed all the other Local Orthodox Churches. Almost none of the local Churches has not received from the Patriarch’s status.”

The head of the DNC said that the new Church will receive a higher status.

“For that status, perhaps now is not the time. But when we become big, strong, unified Church in Ukraine, it will be a matter of time. But now we must pass the stage of becoming, the recognition of the Autocephalous status of our other local Orthodox Churches,” said Epiphany.

As reported by PWC, informed the Metropolitan of Cherkassy and Kanev Sofroniy said: from the Charter of the DNC, it follows that Constantinople formed in Ukraine is fully under control of the Greek Church, while the UOC now has real independence from the ROC in contrast to the newly formed Church hierarchy.

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