Erdogan incites Muslim countries for war against Israel

Some say that the arrest of an American pastor Andrew Brunson is another example of the growing antagonism of the Turkish President Erdogan against the West. Many believe that he wants to return Turkey to its former glory of the Ottoman Empire.

A person who considers himself the new Sultan of the new Ottoman Empire, an ambitious dream. And one of them is to create an Islamic army that will oppose Israel. The Turkish newspaper, which is associated with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling party, in December published an article called “a Call for urgent action”. Research Institute “Media of the Middle East” reported that this fruit is one of the closest advisers Erdogan. It looks like the plan of the Islamic attack on Israel. It encourages the 57 Muslim countries of the organization of Islamic cooperation, or OIC, to organize a joint military operation against Israel. This army will be huge. The OIC countries bring together more than half a billion people. The plan proposes to form a point of deployment near Israel’s borders. With the first wave of 250 thousand soldiers will attack Israel. But is this a real threat? A former member of the Turkish Parliament, Erdemir Icahn says is skeptical.

“I would say that this document is more concerned with internal politics than external. Erdogan is an experienced politician. And when it comes to Israel, he thinks in different categories. On the one hand, Israel is often the first place on his list of targets. But at the same time, Erdogan could continue to support bilateral relations, trade, and cooperate with them,” explains Erdemir Icahn (“Foundation for defense of democracies”).

After the administration trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, anti-Israeli rhetoric Erdogan has become more active. He called the Israeli government-“an occupier and terrorist.” And opposed old NATO ally, the USA. Especially for the fact that the United States support the Kurds. Erdogan has warned that Americans can get “Ottoman slap”.

“Erdogan continues to threaten the United States, accusing them that they are the main player, along with the Jews, who is behind the global conspiracy against Turkey,” said Erdemir Icahn.

Turkey continues to hold American missionary and pastor Andrew Branson, calling him the chief conspirator of the attempted coup of 2016. The American center for law and justice, which helps Branson, has called such allegations “groundless.” Erdemir agree with them.

“Actually, pastor Brunson is a hostage. Erdogan uses it as a bargaining chip,” he says.

Anti-American and anti-Israeli campaign of Erdogan worked. The majority of Turkish citizens now believe that the US is the main threat for Turkey. Similarly, they are against Israel. Is the plan to attack the Muslim army in Israel is a serious threat or not, the fact that there are voices calling for similar actions, is alarming. And the fact that these words are from supporters of Erdogan, worried even more. And it’s not like the voices of the Islamic world fell silent.

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